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Canada resumes aid to the Palestinian government once the Fatah-Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade alliance rejected reconciliation with democratically elected Hamas. Canadian government cites Fatah’s moderation and recognition of Israel.

Palestinian quasi-parliament for the third time did not assemble a quorum to approve Fayad’s government. Besides the Hamas members, many Fatah members boycotted the parliament’s session, as well.

While commemorating this date, remember that Israeli government gave the Temple Mount to Arabs, tolerates Arab shrines on the Temple remains, refuses to rebuild the Temple, and bans Jews from praying at the Temple Mount.

IDF HR Major General Stern lambasted the government for ignoring commonplace draft dodging. The MKs responded by accusing Stern of supporting exemption for yeshiva students. Stern, moreover, pushed ultra-Orthodox Jews away from the IDF by requiring them to serve in mixed secular-religious units.
7% of secular Jews cite medical issues to avoid being drafted. IDF will ease its restrictions on drafting criminals – a move that will worsen the abuse of young Jews in the army.
It is a wonder that so many young Jews still want to serve in the army despite the peace brainwashing in schools and media and the example of pop idols who refuse to enlist in the IDF.

Israeli police violently evicted hundreds of conservative Jews who entered the abandoned settlement of Homesh to rebuild it, and destroyed foundation for a new synagogue in Homesh. Hundreds of illegally built mosques dot Israel.

Histadrut trade union threatens a strike if the government fails to meet its demand for the retroactive wage hike of 10.4% from 2001 for 600,000 bureaucrats. As if they don’t get enough bribes already.

European leaders urge new Turkish government to continue political reforms, namely liberalization and democratization which will bring Turkey’s Islamists to power. Polls indicate support for the US sinking in Turkey to 2%. Jordan, another major American ally in the region, sports the same approval rating for its patron.

German Jewish organizations protest Jewish Agency and Nativ’s efforts at encouraging aliyah from Germany. German Jewish bosses fear the calls for aliyah will cause division among German Jewry. Zionist propagandists encountered similar problem in Germany in 1930s.

Arab freedom fighters from Gaza scored an unusual hit at a house near Ashkelon.

The Arab bought four M-16 automatic rifles and three pistols.

Kibbutz movement protests over the government’ reneging on its promise to provide Jewish settlers evicted from Gush Katif with land plots to develop. Wives of the evictees began a hunger strike before the government’s office.

Winograd report will address complaints by several Israeli MKs, including a communist (Meretz) rat Zehava Bar-On about Israeli “war crimes “ during the 2006 Lebanon war. Bar-on wants international tribunal to try Israeli government for war crimes and Arab human rights violations.

IDF built the barrier in question – 32 inches high – along the 25-mile route connecting settlements to prevent Arab terrorists from driving into the highway. During the hearing, judges screamed at the IDF representatives.

The Quartet’s new envoy Tony Blair – Britain’s ousted PM and a socialist – met various peace activists in Israel, including Peres and Livni, before heading to shake hands with Abu Mazen. It is not clear what exactly Blair can arrange that Israel cannot discuss directly with the Palestinian Fatah gangsters.
Blair mis-identified nuclear Iran as the biggest threat to the Middle East. Rather, the biggest threat to the region is the worldwide community which imposes on Israel the peace solutions bound to cause a mega-war.

Police fired live bullets at the crowd in Nablus university where the young Arabs thrashed each other over Hamas and Fatah allegiances. Three Arabs received critical wounds.

IAEA hailed the return of its inspectors to Iran’s Araq reactor as a major breakthrough in resolving the crisis over Iranian nuclear program. The last people on this planet who doubt that Iran produces plutonium in Araq for military purposes are gathered in the IAEA.

Years ago, Beilin fragrantly broke Israeli law on collaboration with enemies, meeting Abu Mazen in Cairo to secure Arab votes for Rabin in exchange for Oslo concessions. Days ago, Beilin committed a similar crime by contacting Hamas through Norway.

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