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from Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, a Fatah group. Abbas formally incorporated Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade in the Palestinian security services and pays the terrorists with US aid and Israeli tax transfers. Israel released members of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade among the 255 terrorists last week.
Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade continues firing rockets at Israel from Gaza to prop Israel’s hard line against Hamas.

Pope Benedict XVI, a former member of Nazi Hitler Jugend, decried all wars as “useless slaughter.” American and Israeli Independence wars, at least, make sense, and Israeli is very much better off after the 1967 war.

Pressed to take a Jew-hating Mickey Mouse-like character off the Palestinian TV, Arab terrorists had the Jews murdering the Mickey Mouse who thus died the martyr death. Palestinians quickly replaced Mickey Mouse with a similar character who teaches Arab children to kill Jews.

Hezbollah moves Katyusha rocket launchers from field storages to villages both to avoid detection by UNIFIL and restrain Israel’s retaliation.

A nuclear exchange between Israel and Syria, depicted by Ralph Peters in his futuristic The War in 2020, may come true. Arab media report Ahmadinejad, worried about Syrian peace overtures to Israel, offered Syria during his Thursday visit, a billion dollars for military procurement from Russia and nuclear research. Iranians deny the arrangement.

Fatah gangsters arrested 22 associates of democratically elected Hamas in the West Bank. Another 1.5 million Arabs in the West Bank continue supporting Hamas.

Two Jewish families settled an abandoned house on the land Jews purchased at Hebron marketplace. The house lease to Hebron municipality became moot long ago. IDF ordered the Jews to leave.

Olmert promised to Arabs dismantling the roadblocks that stop Arab terrorists from infiltrating Israel. IDF erects roadblocks around Jewish settlement of Homesh destroyed on Sharon’s orders during disengagement. IDF roadblocks will prevent Jews from entering Homesh. Romans under Hadrian banned Jews from settling in Jerusalem only, but Israeli government aims higher.

Hamas criticized British socialist Tony Blair for ignoring Hamas during his visit to the region. Hamas correctly noted that Blair cannot bring peace agreement by refusing to speak with democratically elected Hamas. Earlier, Hamas rejected peace with Israel.

Israel’s Education Ministry approved textbooks for Israeli Arab schoolchildren which describes Israeli 1948 War of Independence as Arab catastrophe, rather than Jewish fight for survival against Arab gangs and six regular Arab armies. The textbook is another wonder from Education Minister Yuli Tamir, a founding member of Peace Now treacherous outfit. The fifth column of Arab MKs lauded the crazy textbook and demanded that Jewish children learn it, too.

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