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Bush slammed Democrats for pressing for withdrawal from Iraq. Bush already reneged on his promise to withdraw if Iraqi government fails to meet its security benchmarks.
Guess what, whenever the US withdraws from Iraq, any security gains will soon be jeopardized.

That racist mantra returns us to the old American TV show where young MK Olmert is pitched against Meir Kahane. Kahane poses a simple statement, that Arabs should not influence policies and law-making in a Jewish state. Olmert concurred, but claimed that Arabs donít pose a threat to Jewish character of Israel because they are too few. Olmert expressed a typical hypocrisy of Jewish conformists: itís okay to accord Arabs democratic rights as long as the Arabs are too few to exercise the rights. Thatís no longer the case. Arab voters brought Rabin, Barak to power. Arab voters are 19%. Centrists have to either befriend the Left or see the Left embracing the Arabs and possibly forming a government. The Arabs are already too many in the Jewish state, 34% among the young. In terms of the worldí screaming, it doesnít matter whether we evict them from Israel or from the West Bank, as well.
What is the ideological basis of demanding Jewish majority in Israel, but leaving Judea to Arabs?

One terrorist scheduled for release will stay in Israeli jail because he has switched from Tanzim to Hamas. Tanzim is way more militant than Hamas and its leader Barghouti stays in Israeli jail. Israel released Tanzim terrorists and refused to release Hamasís.
Government plans to release more terrorists.

HOT plans to take a missionary station off the air. Israeli broadcasters have no problem with streams of leftist propaganda.

A convicted sex offender Haim Ramon presses for a team which will negotiate with Palestinians. The team is to include Ramon, Livni, and Barak. Unhappy with Olmertís slow progress in abandoning Judea to Arabs, his associates plan to take the matter into their hands.

Palestinian Information Minister announced that Fatah will use Israeli tax transfers and the US aid to pay salaries of Hamas officials.

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