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Mossawa Center lambasted Israeli government for not spending enough of Jewish money to build bomb shelters in hundreds of Arab villages in Israel. Hezbollah hit a few Arab villages in Israel with Katyusha rockets by mistake.
Mossawa is funded by UN, EU, George Soros, Ford, Oxfam, and other leftist organizations.
Sderot parents refuse to send their children to schools, not fortified against Kassam rockets.

Putin’s regime retaliated against Britain for seeking extradition of the former KGB agent Litvinenko’ murderer. Besides evicting four British diplomats – a move that mirrors the Britain’s – Russia suspended counterterrorism cooperation with Britain and vowed to stop issuing visas to British officials.
In June, Putin attempted to murder in Britain Litvinenko’s boss, Russian ex-oligarch Boris Berezovsky.
The Russian KGB/FSB regime takes Litvinenko’s issue to heart because Litvinenko publicly proved that Putin organized explosions of several buildings in Russia to blame on Chechens and start the Chechen war.

Almagor filed a petition with Israeli High Court asserting that government overstepped its limits of power by pardoning the terrorists duly sentenced by Israeli courts.
Other released terrorists murdered or abetted the murder of 177 Israelis in the last seven years.
Parole Board refused parole to Yona Avrushmi, sentenced in 1983 for merely killing a Peace Now activist.

Olmert offered Syria to start peace talks if Syria cuts its ties with Iran. Olmert calculated his offer for Syria to refuse.

IDF decried Israeli government approach of containing Hamas instead of assaulting the group which has 13,000 fighters, hundreds of whom underwent military training in Iran.

Palestinians will take care of the security there. Joshua bin Nun preferred a hands-on approach to security in Jericho.

Israeli police opened investigation into voting fraud surrounding Barak’s elections in primaries. Barak was elected on Arab votes in isolated villages. The Labor’s election committee chief requested the probe.

Fafo poll found that only 58% of Palestinians support peace negotiation with Israel. 56% of our moderate neighbors support rocket attacks on Israel.

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