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British PM Brown equivocally apologized before Putin for British request of extraditing the murderers of Russian dissident Litvinov, poisoned by KGB/FSB in Britain. Brown reiterated British commitment for perfect relations with KGB-run Russia and explained, “when a murder is committed on British soil, action has to be taken.”

Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development is on trial in the US for sending humanitarian aid to Hamas. That’s exactly what Israeli government does on a daily basis.

Hundreds of Jews marched in front of the UN building demanding release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. The UN has no authority over the issue.

Bush announced another Middle East conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace. Israel requested participation of the Wahhabite Saudi Arabia and such oddballs as Morocco and Bahrain whose relation to Israeli-Palestinian peace is dubious. Saudis are unlikely to talk to Israel.
Bush demanded that Israel helps Abu Mazen, and suggested that Jews develop Negev desert and Arab-dominated Galilee and forget about Judea and Samaria.

Israel closed commercial crossings into Gaza to put pressure on Hamas. Hamas will not abandon Palestinian political scene, and Israel doesn’t want Hamas to re-unite with Fatah. Thus, the pressure is without purpose.
Closure of Karni crossing is unrelated to security concerns. Hamas proved it can stand by its security commitments, unlike Fatah which Israel supports.

The dovish Israeli president attends Zeev Zhabotinsky memorial. Zhabotinsky introduced the “iron curtain” and “iron fist” concepts in Jewish politics and organized retaliatory killing of Arab civilians.
Peres said Israel must get rid of the territories. The name, Judea, doesn’t ring a bell in the head of the old scum.

Israeli government reneged on its promise of giving the evicted Jewish farmers land plots in Israel. Israel builds seven additional towns for Bedouin and the Supreme Court legalized their land grab.

Hassan Yousef, Hamas’ leader in the West Bank to 4.5 years in jail only. The same court released Palestinian education minister who supervised anti-Israeli brainwashing of Palestinian children.

About 10,000 other Palestinian terrorists remain in Israeli jails. Israeli move is meant to thank Abbas for disarming Palestinian militias. PFLP denies Abu Mazen’s claim that its fighters turned in their weapons.

July 2007
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