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The man who brought Arafat-the-nobody from Tunis, the architect of Oslo capitulation, the murderer of hapless Rabin, the perpetual political loser, and the schemer par excellence, Shimon Peres replaced Moshe Katsav. Unlike Katsav, Peres will rape the entire country.

announces unrelenting continuation of its nuclear program. International Atomic Energy Agency earlier trumpeted the slowdown in Iranís uranium enrichment operations.

Israeli Arab Ahmad Gindowi was sentenced to 16.5 years in prison. Just days ago, the same Haifa court sentenced rapists of a 13-year-old girl to merely six months in jail.

IDF, Border Police ready their troops to prevent the expected hundreds of Jews from reaching the abandoned settlement of Homesh on Tuesday. Jews repeatedly came to the settlement in the effort to rebuild it. IDF claims it represses the Jews to save them from Arab terrorists who might come to Homesh.

Lebanese army pounds a Palestinian refugee camp with artillery and tank fire in the effort to root out Fatah al Islam group. The Palestinian terrorists answer with Katyusha rockets.

In the drive to bring quiet to Gaza, Hamas arrested scores of members of Dughmush clan and the Righteous Swords of Islam. Most are teenagers and university students. The older generation might be moderate, but young Arabs want to fight Israel.

For the first time since the second century C.E., members of the clan of Levi, including Kohens, met in Jerusalem. Their credentials are supported with genetic research. 300-400 years ago, many Jewish families traced their roots back to Levites with certainty. The clan of Levi will minister in the Third Temple, to be built on the site now occupied by Muslim structures.
Kohanim declared priestly blessing over Israel.

Iran is prepared to retaliate if Israel strikes its nuclear reactor or Syria, reports Al-Watan.

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