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Jordan’ princeling Abdullah and Canadian prime minister Harper declared at a joint conference that peace in the Middle East is possibly only by creating a Palestinian state. It remains unclear what the Palestinian state has to do with Iraqi civil war, Syrian claims to Lebanon, Iraqi claim to Kuwait, or Iranian plans for Shiite-populated Saudi oilfield areas. Canada prohibits Jews from writing “Jerusalem, Israel” as their birthplace in Canadian passports.

Iran allowed IAEA to return to its nuclear facilities, apparently to tell the world how well the Iranian nuclear program is going.

The Army rabbis banned religious soldiers from listening to Jewish radio stations on Shabbat.

An owner of obscene surname which harkens back to Slavic murderers of Jews, Russian mogul Arkady Gaydamak announced the Knesset list for his Social Justice Party. The only prominent person on the list is the boss of Israeli Handicapped Organization whom Gaydamak expects to bring votes.

near Nablus and Jenin, in the territory ruled by moderate Abbas. Today, the IDF fought Arabs throughout Judea and Samaria.
IDF caught an Arab terrorist at Anabta checkpoint who tried to enter Israel with three bombs. Olmert promised Arabs dismantling checkpoints.
IDF also caught an Arab near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron who intended to stab praying Jews.

Frantically seeking to prolong its existence after the Soviet aliyah ended, Jewish Agency brought 110,000 Ethiopians to Israel. This year, the Sohnut will bring the last Blacks from Ethiopia with the least claim of Jewishness. Jewish Agency has brought into Israel large numbers of Black Christians who claim descent from Jewish converts.
The Jewish agency’s efforts annihilated a millennia-old community of Black followers of Judaism and added to Israeli underclass a hundred thousand Blacks who would never be able to bridge a cultural and economic gap with Ashkenazi Jews.

Arabs upgrade Haram ash-Sharif, dig trenches with heavy construction equipment without archaeological supervision. Israeli government authorities allowed the work without archaeological supervision.
Months ago, Muslims worldwide rioted when Israelis attempted a minor dig near the Temple Mount.

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