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UN Middle Eastís envoy Williams announced that Syria is ready to distance itself from Hamas and Hizbullah if starting peace talks with Israel. This week, Syria rejected Israeli offer of peace negotiations. Peace with Israel is irrelevant to Syriaís support of Hizbullah which stems from Syriaís interests in Lebanon.

The bomber wearing an explosives belt was killed at a roadblock in Samaria. Olmert promised Mubarak to remove the roadblocks.

St.-Sgt. Arbel Reich, 21, was killed in the IDFís search for weapons caches of Palestinian guerrillas. Israel continues humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Tel Aviv court sentenced Ahsraf Keisi, one of the Arab residents of Israel, for the 2005 bombing of the Stage club. Oddly, the court found the Arab guilty of aiding an enemy in wartime. Wait, if Israel is at war with Palestine, why Israel sends them money and humanitarian aid instead of carpet-bombing the wartime enemy?

Bir Zeit University closed down over the clashes between pro-Fatah and pro-Hamas students.

The Jew tried to defend Jewish girls against the Arabs.

Dr. Jursa deciphered a Babylonian clay tablet which contains the name of Nevo-Sarkesim, Nebuhadnezzarís eunuch mentioned by Prophet Jeremiah.

A poll shows 70% Iranians want diplomatic ties with Israel, 80% renounce military nukes, Wall Street Journal reports.

Second Lebanon war changed situation for the better, Jews feel safe.
Mashabim Center reports that 23% of Jews in the North suffer from traumatic disorders following the Lebanon war.
Hezbollah possesses estimated 18,000 rockets, 50% up the 2006 number, including anti-aircraft missiles.

Haifa court sentenced two rapists to 4.5 years, and others to lesser terms down to six months. Two rapists are acquitted.
Meanwhile, Tel Aviv court sentenced Likudís ex-MK Naomi Blumenthal to 8 months for trivial offense of paying Likud activistsí hotel expenses.

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