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US delivered two F-16 jets to Pakistan. The US refused to deliver the jets after Pakistani nuclear test.
Now the US is pleased with Pakistani military’s stance against Islamists.

Al Qaeda had always have a special relationship with Pakistan. Osama bin Laden refrained from harshly criticizing Musharaff. Taliban and Afghani mujahedeen critically depend on Pakistan for logistics and safe havens. After the Pakistani troops stormed the compound of the Taliban-style Islamic terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri called for jihad against the insufficiently faithful Pakistani government.
Al Qaeda relies on the heavily Islamist Pakistani areas bordering Afghanistan. Pakistani troops rarely venture there, and hard-line Islamists control vast areas. For Pakistanis, Osama bin Laden is a superhero. India’s occupation of Kashmir increases militant tendencies among Pakistanis. Al Qaeda continuously demands Pakistani military action to regain Kashmir for Islam.
Musharaff’s government is very weak. Spreading Islamic influence in the army undermines Musharaff’s hold on power. Islamists work in Pakistani nuclear program. Pakistan has about 53 nuclear bombs.

Changing its earlier assessment, the IDF declared Syrian preparations in the Golan Heights defensive. The statement is intended to calm down Syria, anxious of Israeli reciprocal buildup in the Golan Heights.
Before the Yom Kippur war, Egypt deployed defensive SAM-5 anti-aircraft batteries, and attacked Israel under their cover. IDF purchased large numbers of Trophy active defense systems for Merkava tanks. Defensive preparations often pave road to offense.

Katsav claimed he never called the girl who accuses him of raping her. His phone records reveal 689 calls to her.

After Chinese companies got concessions for oil development in Syria and construction of a large refinery, China announced support for Syrian claims for the Golan Heights.

A 62-year-old activist claims that Pensioners’ Party MK Yitzhak Ziv attempted to rape her.

Answering the court petitions by “human rights” activists to allow African inflitrators to stay in Israel, Israeli government offered them treatment under a Law of Entry which would keep them in jail for border violation.

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