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US dispatched Enterprise aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf, attempting to frighten Iran into ceasing it nuclear program. Previous American attempts at frightening Iran with aircraft carriers didn’t work out.

at border crossings with Gaza. Hamas offered to discuss with Israel any options of opening the Rafah crossing. Israel closed the Rafah crossing ostensibly to prevent arms smuggling which goes on through Gaza’s porous border, anyway. Closure of the Rafah crossing is Israel’s way to starve the Hamas government which so far offers more security and moderation than Fatah.
Hamas retaliated by banning Israeli agricultural produce at Kerem Shalom crossing.

by international forces. Italian Foreign Minister Prodi rejected Abbas’ request for European peacekeepers in Gaza who would have to fight Hamas.
Prodi offered more aid to Abbas “to give hope to the Palestinian people.”

Canada doesn’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and bans Jews from entering Jerusalem, Israel as their birthplace in passports.

Most live in temporary housing, as the compensation received is insufficient to buy real estate in Israel. Unemployment doubles the Gush Katif level. Schoolchildren study abysmally and exhibit strong suicidal inclinations.
Jews who answered the government’s calls to settle Gaza, has been made an underclass.

Olmert reschedules the meeting with Egyptian, Jordanian foreign ministers. Olmert, an acute politician, realizes the discussion is worthless, but conducts it for the world’s media and his American sponsors. Israeli government released 250 terrorost prisoners as a welcome for the Arab League delegation which did not arrive.

Olmert offered Syrian strongman Bashar Assad peace talks in the interview to Al Arabiya.
Israel and Syria are on the brink of war.

Iran starts building a tunnel in Natanz to shield its uranium enriching centrifuges from Israel strike. A thousand Pershing missiles – Olmert’s threat to Iran – won’t destroy a deep tunnel, unless armed with tactical nuclear warheads.

Following the Iranian Supreme Court’s verdict, an adulterer was stoned in Iran. The world’s governments and human rights group condemn the barbaric execution despite it being also prescribed in the Torah.

The UN report blames the separation barrier for the Palestinian hardships. Poor Arabs cannot go to schools, hospitals, and relatives.
Hundreds of petitions to Israeli Supreme Court delay the construction of fence, leave 290 kms of border open for infiltration by Palestinian schoolchildren and terrorists.

Police accuses Sderot mayor of channeling the aid funds to contractor cronies. Sderot municipality abrogated the tenders and arbitrarily awarded contracts ostensibly to speed up the enforcement of Sderot’s buildings.

Pakistani troops finally stormed the besieged mosque compound, held by Islamic terrorists for a week. The Islamists used terror campaign to impose strict Islamic law on nuclear Pakistan. Huge demonstrations supported the terrorists.

Congress report shows that Iraq failed to meet any benchmarks. According to his earlier promise, Bush must start pulling the US troops out of Iraq, and leave Israel to deal with the terrorist state of Iraq.

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