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Turkey assembled 140,000 troops at Iraq’s border. The planned Turkish invasion is meant to oust Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK). Los Angeles court acquitted PKK of the terrorist status. Israel cooperates with Kurds to maintain a base for operations against Iran.

Israeli PM claims the release of 250 convicted Muslim terrorists will expedite the release of captured Israeli soldiers. Historically, Arabs never reciprocated Israeli gestures.

International Atomic Energy Agency reported progress in talks with Iran: Iran slowed down nuclear enrichment. Iran bans IAEA from Natanz for most of the time, and the news of slower enrichment is provided by Iran. Iran could slow enrichment of uranium for many technical reasons.

Hamas rejects Israel’s offer to allow the Palestinians into Gaza through Keren Shalom crossing, and maintains dozens of Palestinians at the Egyptian side of Rafah terminal to press Israel to open the Rafah Crossing for humanitarian reasons. Hamas wants the Rafat crossing to re-open because Israel doesn’t control it and, after the EU monitors fled the scene, no one does.

Hamas rejected the Israeli list of Arab prisoners to be released in exchange for Shalit because the list includes no members of Popular Resistance Committees which also participated in the kidnapping and are entitled to its fruits.
Prisoners’ exchange is a result of mass media hysteria about a single kidnapped soldier.

Swarmed with Africans from Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, and many other countries, Israel finally moves to deport the infiltrators back to Egypt. The Sudanese are relatively safe in Egypt and flock to Israel for economic opportunities.
Human rights groups denounce Jewish cruelty of sending the refugees back to Egypt which doesn’t provide them with enough free services.

Arabs flocked into the streets of Taiba protesting the Interior Ministry’s appointment of a Jewish mayor. The Interior Minister Sheetrit recently dissolved several Arab municipalities for stealing the Jewish state’s money.

Soldiers ambushed Palestinian Islamic Jihad group near Jenin and shot the Arabs on the spot. This is a crime in the police enforcement, but a normal tactics during war.

Hamas forces raided offices of a drug gang in Gaza. Incidentally, Hamas guerrillas found there a lion stolen from Gaza zoo. Many other animals in Palestinian zoos were less lucky, killed in Israeli attacks over the years.

An Islamic State of Iraq, a Sunni group with ties of Osama bin Laden, declared a war against Shiites and Iran, their sponsor.

Thousands of troops so far loyal to Musharaff besiege a mosque where thousands of Islamic guerrillas and students of Saudi-financed religious school stage a determined defense. Tens of thousands of Pakistanis joined the protests against Musharaff, accusing him of being an insufficiently good Muslim.

July 2007
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