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The infamous Milken Institute launched junk bond program for Israeli north. Milken Institute is a quasi-academic offshoot set up by Michael Milken, jailed in the US for machinations with junk bonds. Milken is barred from investment activity, and set up the Milken Institute as nominally non-financial front for his dirty operations.
Milken envisages a patriotic junk bond casino for Israeli north affected by the Lebanon war. As other Milken’s schemes, this one will milk the investors.
Milken Institute asked Israeli government to assist the scam.

Near Beit Hanun, Gaza. Dozens of thousands of Palestinians who openly carry their weapons can be shot with similar justification.

A clan-based “Army of Islam” released BBC correspondent Alan Johnston. Hamas pressured Dughmush clan to release Johnston and was poised to storm the clan’s neighborhood in Gaza. Johnston’s release is a blow to “moderate” Fatah which couldn’t secure Johnston release for four months. Fatah pressed Dughmush clan to hold Johnston to rob Hamas of a PR victory. Johnston’s release vindicates Hamas claim of establishing (Islamic) law and order in Gaza after Fatah’s lawlessness.
Hamas possibly ransomed Johnston for three million dollars, paid by BBC.
Dughmush clan has also transferred kidnapped IDF’s Cpl. Shalit to Hamas. Dughmush’s “Army of Islam” kidnapped Shalit in a joint operation with Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade.

Hamas wants to re-open the Karni and Rafah crossings. Opening of Rafah crossing will require a return of European observers and necessitate the EU’s direct contact with Hamas, a major political victory for the latter. Hamas realizes that Israel and Egypt cannot keep the crossings closed indefinitely for humanitarian reasons, and sure Israel will give way and re-open the Rafah crossing.
Hamas threatened to shell the Kerem Shalom crossing at the cost of killing Palestinians. Israel, accordingly, keeps the Keren Shalom closed to protect the Palestinians from Hamas. Why?

Though the Torah exhorts justice and is silent on diplomacy, Israeli Supreme Court accepted the government’s argument in favor of transferring the four terrorists to Jordan. Israeli government argued that diplomatic considerations supersede justice. The four terrorists, convicted for life in Israel, will be jailed for no more than 18 months in Jordan and released.
Israeli government does not extradite Russian gangsters who serve sentences in Israeli jails.

Human rights organizations claim 85% of Gazans receive the UN food aid (an inflated number) and three-quarters of factories are closed (Legal Center for Freedom of Movement). The next time the Gazans will go to polling booths, they might think better.

Palestine’s government employees in Gaza received salaries from the $110 million paid by Israel to Fatah. Rewarding Hamas voters and employees, Israeli government ignores a question: how did they work for 15 months without receiving salaries? Palestine is flushed with cash from Muslim governments and laborers’ payments for illegal work in Israel.

Roni Bar-On with no financial experience becomes the Finance Minister. Housing Minister Sheetrit received the Interior Ministry he has no clue about. Haim Ramon, convicted for sexual offense, becomes vice-prime minister. Yaacov Edri, previously a minister of nothing, receives Absorption Ministry with no aliyah in sight. Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog will control the media.

Police arrested a criminal boss Yaakov Alperon for tampering with a Tiberias tender for developing a Lake of Kinneret beach. Alperon’s people allegedly threatened municipal employees by publicly cursing them.

Spanish customs found 700 handguns and rifles in a container shipped from Israel to Nicaragua. The cargo was inspected in Spain during transshipment.
Nicaraguans recently re-elected a Communist president Daniel Ortega, the US nemesis. Israel often does the US’ dirty work of training and arming Latin American rebels against local communists.

The infamous Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee, who claim to represent American Jews, decry the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows the US government to fund faith-based programs. The Jewish organizations never argued against Jewish tax money used to fund Christian programs, but rather oppose the government’s minuscule financing of Jewish religious education.
The Diaspora organizations seek to secularize and assimilate Jewish community, and religious education is the worst enemy of the Jewish political barons.

Degradation of a Zionist state has temporarily peaked at appointment of an Arab MK Israeli president while the acting president Dalia Itzik visits Britain. An Arab is better than the president-elect Shimon Peres, anyway.

Hamas paid to the Dughmush clan (Army of Islam) reportedly $3 million in money and weapons. The Army of Islam collaborates with Fatah (Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade) against Israel and kidnapped IDF’s Cpl. Shalit.

IDF moved away from its traditional lean approach of training advantage and uses disproportional, unreasonably expensive force against the Palestinians.

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