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Israeli Supreme Court put the Katsav’s plea bargain on hold, required Attorney General Mazuz to explain why almost all charges were dropped. Mazuz cannot honestly tell the court that he trumpeted the charges some of which are patently false, others cannot be proven in court, and still others past the statue of limitations – to oust the President and clear his place for Shimon Peres.

As I have argued all along, Hamas moderated immediately after takeover of Gaza. Burdened with governmental responsibilities, Hamas cannot afford Israeli retaliation. Complying with its pan-Palestinian agenda, Hamas still allows Palestinian Islamic Jihad to initiate low-level attacks on Israel.
Israel, however, insists on isolating Hamas and enhancing ties with Fatah – a powerless conglomerate of gangster organizations which terrorize Palestinians far more than Israelis. Israel resumed security discussions with Fatah which floundered after the start of the Second Intifada in 2000 and ceased with Hamas’ victory in Palestinian elections.

Israeli police informed the Supreme Court it “substantially doubts” authenticity of the deed of purchase of the Beit Shalom house in Hebron. Jewish community purchased that house months ago from Arabs, and Israeli leftists tried to evict the Jews. The house is located at strategic junction.
The police did not give any details on its “doubts.” Ex-police chief Moshe Karadi confirmed recently an open secret: that police often forges evidence and builds cases solely for political reasons.
The police lie, paving the road to eviction of Jews from the legally purchased house, was fittingly reported on the day the Jews mourn the Roman siege of Jerusalem.

Olmert announced the unilateral release of Palestinian prisoners as a gesture of goodwill toward Fatah. Fatah criticizes the list as containing the Arab prisoners whose sentences are soon to expire, anyway.
Dozens of Jewish political prisoners in Israeli jails won’t be released. They have no Fatah to lobby for them.

Israeli government opposes the petition by mother of one of the Jews killed by the Jordanian terrorists soon to be released from Israeli jail to Jordan. Terrorism, however, is not crime but an act of war, and no country extradites terrorists to their welcoming homeland.

Egypt opposes Israeli and Western plans for deployment of international force along the Philadelphi corridor. Egypt knows that stopping the arms smuggling into Gaza is critical for Israel, and hopes to blackmail Israel into lifting the Camp David restrictions on the deployment of Egyptian troops in Sinai so that – ostensibly – Egypt can guard its border with Gaza.

Egypt evacuated its mediators after the Hamas’ takeover of Gaza. By now, the differences between Egypt and Hamas are settled.

Hamas insists on using the Rafah crossing to Egypt which is free of Israeli control. The Rafah crossing is closed after the European observers fled it. Rafah’s closure allows Arabs to scream that Israel violates their human rights. Hamas rejected Israeli offer of using an IDF-manned Kerem Shalom crossing.

After a roadside bomb in Lebanon killed six UNIFIL members a week ago, UNIFIL arrested a group of Muslim terrorists planning attack against a German vessel.
Arab terrorists need to push UNIFIL out of Lebanon to provoke Israel for renewed attacks against Lebanese civilians who shield Hezbollah, and rally Muslim public opinion against Israel.

Olmert announced in the Knesset that since Fatah government now actively fights terrorism, he would take the risk of removing roadblocks that stop Arab terrorists in Judea.
Fatah fights terrorism by facing defeat from Hamas in Gaza and incorporating Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigae into Abu Mazen’s security forces, financed by Israel and trained by the US. Regrettably, Olmert runs no risks by removing the roadblocks. Terrorists, walking freely, will kill ordinary Israelis, not Olmert.

Israeli government will start implementing Tal law that allows ultra-Orthodox Jews civil substitute for army service. Civil service is long offered to pederasts and peaceniks.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews oppose the IDF as assimilationist secularizing enterprise. The IDF scrapped religious units where the ultra-Orthodox Jews served with great distinction.
After completing one year of civil service, ultra-Orthodox Jews will be allowed to legally work in Israel. Jews who didn’t serve in the IDF are not allowed to work, though Israeli Arabs work freely without the burden of conscription or civil service.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews are anyway employed in black market economy and won’t jump on the opportunity offered by the Tal law.
Israelis generally decry the ultra-Orthodox exemption from the IDF service, though voice no opposition to similar exemption for Israeli Arabs.

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