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IDF’s Bedouin soldier shot passers-by, including his own brother in Hura, Negev.

Israeli government scraps the plans for a giant bridge at the Mughrabi Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The bridge, touted as a massive investment and a source of major kickbacks from contractors to government officials, would have destroyed a major archeological park. Luckily, Arab throngs protested the required digs to salvage the archeological finds. Israeli government, indifferent to Jewish archeologists, backed away under the Muslim pressure.

Outgoing leftist Deputy Defense Minister Sneh claims the IDF programs related to the Iranian nuclear threat are annually underfunded by hundreds of millions of shekels. Sneh implied that intelligence and operation plans necessary to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities are lacking.
What do we pay the IDF for if it cannot bomb a reactor?

Shin Bet foiled attempts by Hamas to recruit terrorists and announced that Hamas channels millions of shekels to Israeli Arab organizations and construction at the Temple Mount and other sites. Hamas received the necessary funding from Saudi Arabia which now pitches its “peace plan” to Israel.
Israel gave Temple Mount to Jordan to administer, but the place holy to Jews is essentially controlled by Palestinian terrorists who ban the Jews from entering it.

Olmert’s government didn’t yet approve a unilateral release of 250 jailed Palestinian terrorists “without blood on their hands,” as Olmert promised to Egypt’s Mubarak, because it cannot find enough of them. Olmert intends to release Palestinians who are not murderers and served long jail time – an unlikely match.

Israeli vagrants set a camp at the center of Jerusalem and demand “decent housing” as their human right. Israeli education made them oblivious than the relevant human right involves working to pay for a house.
Jerusalem municipality doesn’t disperse the illegal gathering.

Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak called Ashraf Marwan “a patriot.” Dr. Ashraf, a weapons trader who notified Israel of the Yom Kippur attack two days in advance, was killed in London last week.
Mubarak’s remarks suggest strong Egyptian interest in the black market of weapons, presumably the weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Ashraf was not active as a back-channel link between Israel and Egypt.
Another Israeli spy, Sharif al-Filali, also died in Cairo jail today.

Mohamed al-Hija was killed in a shootout in Jenin.

Israel transferred the Fatah gang $118 million instead of the earlier announced fifty. Abbas pledged to hide the money from Palestinian civil servants affiliated with Hamas. That, of course, won’t happen: Abbas cannot pay half officials and withhold money from the other half based on their political preferences.

Olmert ordered the IDF, Border Police to enforce Israeli immigration laws against Sudanese refugees infiltrating Israel from Sinai. Hundreds of Blacks now live with socialists in kibbutzim.

Trade Minister Eli Yishai refused to endorse 12% increase in bread prices. Israel, like socialist and third world countries, regulates prices for bread, petrol, and many other products.

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