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Mother of Pinhas Levy, murdered in Jordan Valley, appeals the Israeli government’s decision to transfer his murderers to Jordan.

Israeli government extended the Wisconsin program for two years but remove 45+ year olds from the hook and relaxed welfare requirements for the rest. The program provides incentives to entrepreneurs for employing the jobless and requires jobless Israelis to imitate job-hunting.
Israeli leftists understandably oppose the anti-socialist program. The right and religious parties also oppose it because their constituencies largely belong to the society’s economic bottom.

Fatah-PLO gangsters who terrorize Palestinians with racketeering and Israeli – with suicide bombers and lost the elections to Hamas will be rewarded with $50 million Jews collected for them through taxation.
Moderate government of Abbas which demands Jerusalem for Palestinian capital and condemns Israeli aggression in the West Bank will use the funds to pay its security services which now incorporate Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, Education Ministry which sows hatred of Jews, and justice system which sentences Palestinians for selling real estate to Jews. Israeli money will end up among the very Arabs who voted for Hamas.
Tax transfers from Israel are not critical for the Palestinian Administration in light of $900+ million annual aid to the terrorist entity, but hold moral significance on the backgrounds of continuing murders of Jews by moderate Fatah gangsters.

Jordan Bedouin princeling Abdullah denounced the reports of possible Jordanian-Palestinian confederacy. Qualifications such as “premature” and “at this time” in Abdullah’s interview show that Jordan resist incorporating a West Bank plunged in civil war but is open to confederacy scheme if the things in Palestine settle down. Jordan will prefer controlling Palestine with its Badr brigade as peacekeepers, wait and see.

$59 million US aid, earmarked for strengthening Fatah in Gaza, seeks a recipient. US Department of State frantically searches how to spend that military aid in the West Bank.

One Kassam landed in Gaza, two in Sderot wounding one Jew. Israel Air Force continued strikes at Gaza. Among the seven killed guerrillas is a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Ranam. While you’re reading this, he tests the promise of seventy virgins.

July 2007
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