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Abbas recent order to Palestinian militants to disarm produced no results. Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and Hamas formally rejected the demand while common Palestinians, armed to the teeth, simply sabotaged Abbas efforts.
Yuval Diskin, head of Israeli security service Shin-Beth, confirmed at the Cabinet meeting that Fatah is far weaker than Hamas even in the West Bank.

Dr. Ashrah Marwan, a prominent Egyptian and son-in-law of Gamal Nasser, was killed on Wednesday in London. Dr. Ashraf passed to Israel enormous amounts of top-level intelligence on Egypt, and informed Mossad of the Egyptian attack fully two days before the Yom Kippur War.

One scum named Eli Zeira, who headed the IDF Military Intelligence in 1973 and was fired after the war on the recommendations of Agronot Commission for gross negligence, revealed Dr. Ashraf identity in his silly and self-serving 1993 book.

Even on the background of Israel’s notoriously careless approach to her agents and collaborators, Zeira’s vengeful revelation of the spy’s identity amounts to a high crime.

Jerusalem police devastated religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem days before the gay parades to preclude the protests. Arutz Sheva reports on wholesale destruction of property with water cannons, beatings of rabbis and other religious Jews with fists, feet, and batons.

In an unusually realistic assessment of Israeli perspectives under the American Roadmap plan, Bush hailed Israel as a model for Iraq. Presumably, if Israelis do not want to travel down the Iraqi road, their should reject the American peace plan.
The American president said he envisages a victory in Iraq as “a dawn of a Middle East where leaders are at peace with their own people.” Sure, and wolves with lay down with lambs.
Bush is so removed from the facts. He claimed that soccer matches and crowded markets are signs of normalcy in Iraq. In fact, soccer matches never ceased in Iraq and markets were always crowded as most Iraqis buy food there.
Bush defined a new American goal in Iraq: democracy there must function despite the car bombings. In other words, America can withdraw anytime, since Iraq already has a functioning democratic façade. Israel will be left to deal with a terrorist state of Iraq, a mega-Gaza.

June 2007
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