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Sudanese Blacks who illegally entered Israel stage demonstration in front of the Knesset. Beersheba municipality transported them to Jerusalem. 600 Blacks from various countries infiltrated Israel in May. Egypt does nothing to prevent the infiltration. Israeli Border Police transports the infiltrators to southern townships instead of expelling them on the spot. Attorney General refuses to charge the Black infiltrators or evict them. The Africans cross into Israel from Egypt where they are not threatened, and cannot be treated as refugees.

Palestinian Authority issued a statement condemning Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Olmert imagined buying the Palestinian goodwill with hundreds of millions in tax transfers, unilateral release of terrorist prisoners, arms deliveries, and humanitarian aid.

The Kassam rockets from Gaza caused no damage. The IDF killed 12 and wounded 40 Arabs during the operations in Gaza. Hamas countered the IDF with unusually heavy artillery and anti-tank fire.

$250 million earmarked for Kassam-proofing Sderot houses. The construction will take 2-3 years.

Visiting Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov praised Olmert’s efforts in selling Russia a major Jerusalem property, the Russian Compound. Russia bases its claim on the ownership right of an obscure 19th-century charity. After the gay parades, why not sell the City to Russians?

The Foreign Ministry announced that Israel sent 733 tons of animal fodder to Gaza – free. Shelling of Israel from Gaza continues.

June 2007
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