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Lebanese army’s fight with Fatah al Islam in a Palestinian refugee camp that recalls Israeli operation in Jenin substantially ended with over 300 casualties, well above the Jenin toll. No country condemns Lebanon for using tanks and artillery against Palestinian refugee camp that hosted the terrorists. Israeli “massacre” in Jenin entered the annals of “human rights” organizations.

Hamas has earlier demanded that the clan-based Army of Islam group releases the kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston or face attack on Monday. Hamas, however, did not attack the kidnappers’ clan, but claimed that Fatah urged them to hold onto Johnston to rob Hamas of an important public relations’ achievement.
Army of Islam vowed to kill Johnston if its financial and political demands are not met. The move came amid Hamas’ holding two of the clan members hostage and suggest that Army of Islam received backing to counter Hamas. Though such backing can also come from Israel and Egypt in the effort to uproot Hamas, Fatah is the most likely force behind the Army of Islam belligerent move. Army of Islam can mobilize several hundred armed members, comparable to the numbers of Hamas fighters who actively participated in the takeover of Gaza.

Abbas banned all Arabs except his security personnel from bearing arms. Palestinian Arabs are traditionally heavily armed to counter the terror and racketeering of the PLO gangs. Clans have their own militias.

A Jew who executed Yitzhak Rabin will become a father. Yigal Amir’s wife, Larisa Trembovler is expected to give birth this summer. Yigal and Larisa had conjugal visits while he’s serving a life sentence. Unlike the Arab terrorists, Yigal won’t be released anytime soon.

Unable to counter even the slight Hamas presence in Judea and Samaria, Abbas formally asked Israel to permit deployment of Jordanian troops. Netanyahu supports the move.
For all the training, financing, and weapons’ supply, Fatah conceded itself powerless against Hamas even in Judea and Samaria, traditionally considered Fatah’s territory. Nevertheless, Olmert plans to free 250 Fatah terrorists from Israeli jails to bolster Abbas’ stance.
Jordan long mulls confederacy plans with the Palestinians of Judea and Samaria. Given the Palestinians’ failure to achieve statehood and their perpetual civil strife, Jordanian confederacy is a viable option. The issue of Palestinian statehood will be reduced to the Israel-Jordan border dispute and readily solved.
Jordanian army efficiently rooted out the PLO and expelled all Palestinian migrants in what is known as “Black September” fighting, but otherwise supported Palestinian guerrillas. Jordan’s army lack anti-terrorist experience, won’t be able to crash Hamas in Judea and Samaria by inhumane measures it used to finish off the PLO, and will impede the IDF’s antiterrorist operations in Judea and Samaria.

June 2007
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