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Google complained to the US Trade Rep office about the worldwide Internet censorship which harms Google’s profits. Google, however, several times censored SamsonBlinded.org and other right-wing sites, refusing them advertising via the Google AdSense.

Facing the Palestinian refusal to accept a prisoners’ swap which doesn’t include high-value terrorists, Olmert announced unilateral pardon of 250 convicted Palestinian terrorists.
Olmert will ensure that the released terrorists won’t revert to attacking Israel, as most Arabs do upon release, by asking them to sign a statement promising good behavior. Is he brain-damaged like Sharon?

water, electricity, and medicines. Olmert: “We have no interest in punishing that population only because it is ruled by a terrorist organization.” Olmert missed that the Gazans are not “ruled” by Hamas, but elected it freely and democratically, and cheered its recent victory over Fatah.

In the Sharm esh-Sheikh speech, Abbas demanded a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Israel hails Abbas as moderate leader amenable to the Jewish state’s wishes.
Abbas spoke about the Palestinian “culture of peace.” Palestinian Ministry of Education, controlled by Fatah and financed by Israel, disseminates hatred of Jews in textbooks and TV programming.

The semi-principled Laborite told Winograd Committee that he abstained from Security Cabinet vote on the Lebanon War though opposed it. Paz-Pines acted against his conscience to avoid “external controversy,” namely the necessity to explain Israeli public his pacifist position.

Gaza crisis: Al Qaeda’s Ayman Zawahri greeted Hamas’ takeover of Gaza, called for Al Qaeda-Hamas union. Terrorists of Shia and Sunni persuasions get along: Shiite Iran supports Sunni insurgency in Afghanistan and Sunni Hamas.

Two more Arabs confessed of gang raping Jewish girls, even 13-year-old. Though the Arabs’ crime was proven with DNA analysis, the prosecution “saved the court’s time” by signing a plea deal with the scum. The Arabs will receive greatly reduced jail terms. It is a policy of Israeli “justice” to treat Arab crimes against Jews with compassion.

Fatah demands “housands of rifles, hundreds of armored vehicles and a lot of ammunition,” removal of checkpoints in the West Bank that intercepted tons of explosives, free travel to Israel for Arab terrorists and migrant workers, and release of Marwan Barghouti who serves more than five life sentences in Israeli jail for leading a murderous terrorist organization. (Jerusalem Post)

Hamas announces that booby-trapped tunnel Abbas claims was meant to kill him was actually meant against Israelis. Killing Jews is socially acceptable among the Arabs.
Hamas derides Israeli-US-Palestinian talks, calls for fighting. Israel provides humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Sunday bomb attack that killed six UNIFIL peacekeepers in Lebanon demonstrated impossibility of countering guerrilla groups by patrolling or limited military engagement. Fatah al Islam takes the lead over Hezbollah trying to provoke renewed fighting in Lebanon. Fatah al Islam recently launched a Katyusha missile at Kiryat Shmona.

Omri was sentenced for accepting illegal contributions to Ariel Sharon’s 1999 campaign. The leftist Attorney General did not charge Ariel Sharon in order to allow him to pursue the disengagement.

Atheist members of the Jewish Agency (Sohnut) which flooded Israel with 500,000 non-Jews urged the government of Israel to accept Reformist conversions. The Reform Judaism sets no obligatory requirements for a Jew whatsoever. Islam, at least, requires the converts to say, Allah Akbar. The Reform conversions don’t ask for that much.

Ami Ayalon refused to take the post of the Education Minister. Though Ayalon lacks any credentials in education, he could have saves some young Jewish souls from the leftist brainwashing perpetrated on them by the current Education Minister Tamir.

June 2007
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