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After evicting the democratically elected Hamas from the government and intimidating Hamas members of the Palestinian parliament, Abbas cracked down on businesses and organizations which pay protection money to Hamas rather than Fatah.

Iran’s nuclear negotiator Larijani offered to compromise with International Atomic Energy Agency. Iran is expected to give way on its earlier refusal to allow IAEA inspectors. Now IAEA inspectors might be able to monitor stunning success of Iranian nuclear enrichment.

Reacting to Fatah’s violent crackdown on Hamas members in the West Bank, Mahmoud Zahar announced that Hamas will pursue Fatah’s members in Gaza, euphemistically called “Israeli agents.” Hamas will also undermine the relative security in the West Bank with the same terrorist measures it used against Israel.
Israeli operations in the West Bank so far bar Hamas from developing beachheads in Judea and Samaria, just like the IDF curtailed Hamas activities in Gaza before disengagement.

Saleh Aruri left Israeli jail just months ago after serving 15-year sentence.
More than a thousand convicted terrorists await release in prisoners’ swap.

In the letter to the UN, Israel expressed concern over Iran’s treatment of Muslims.
UN Human Rights Commissions singled out Israel as the world’s worst violator of human rights.

Jewish guard arrested for shooting at their car

Sorry, someone refresh my memory- what’s “Kiddush Hashem” mean, again? Something to do with bombs, apparently.

Bomb goes off near Beit Shemesh vineyard, injuring builder working at adjacent security fence construction site. Police uncover leaflets warning against upcoming pride parade in Jerusalem near scene of crime, gay activists blame strictly Orthodox extremists.

Oh yeah, you got to know God likes that.

And this, of course.

“Police stopped a 32-year-old religious Jew who was carrying a homemade explosive device,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said of the arrest before the annual Gay Pride march began.

Man, and I was wondering how they’d ever top the great 2005 knifing. Once again, the frummies have shown us the way. Who says haredim don’t like innovation?

It’s sort of like the Jewish Legion, only it turns out it’s more like the Jordanian Legion.

This from Bibi:

He said that Jordan should dispatch its Palestinian force, known as the Badr Brigade. “The Badr Brigade, which is Jordanian-Palestinian, can create law and order,” Netanyahu said.

Needless to say, this isn’t being received too well by the right. For my money, the biggest problem here is that it seems that Bibi’s just trying to pass off dealing with the Palestinians as an Arab problem. Maybe this is smart, because the Palestinians probably wouldn’t respond well to an IDF presence. But if Bibi’s serious about Israel “strengthening the moderates against Hamas”, it needs to have a multi-national coalition. It is in Israel’s AND Jordan’s (AND Egypt’s) best interest to keep Hamas’ control limited. Communication is a good start, but pawning it off on the other Arab countries- even assuming they’re sincere about helping control Hamas in the first place- is a big mistake.

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