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Israeli homegrown demagogue financed by Russian oligarchs, Minister of Something Strategic Avigdor Lieberman slammed Olmert’s plans to aid Fatah against Hamas. Lieberman pointed out that regardless of the aid, Fatah is incapable of crushing Hamas.
Lieberman joined Olmert’s government, supported all his policies, and praises the corrupt traitor Barak.

Iran’s Interior Minister declared his country possesses 220 lbs of enriched uranium. The most primitive designs require a thousand pounds of enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb. Advanced designs detonate as little as 30 lbs of weapons-grade uranium. A 1000 lbs nuclear bomb kills about 100,000 Jews and renders a city – presumably, Tel Aviv – uninhabitable.
Even if Israel or America strikes the Iranian nuclear facilities, 200+ lbs of highly enriched radioactive material is safely stored away.
Experts imagined that Iran would need at ten to fifty thousand centrifuges to enrich uranium in sufficient quantities to make a nuclear bomb. Iran, however, produced 220 lbs in two months on 3,000 centrifuges. Even if Iran doesn’t increase the number of centrifuges, the rogue Shiite state will enrich enough uranium for a nuclear bomb by February by the latest.
US pushes Europeans for more sanctions against Iran. Iran did not care about previous sanctions, and Europeans do not care about nuclear Iran. America sabotaged talks with Iran, demanded that Iran shuts down its nuclear program prior to any negotiations – which Iran predictably refused. Israel Air Force trains for attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.
US Senate approved an appeal to the UN to charge Ahmadinejad with genocide and try him in Hague for Ahmadinejad’s call to wipe Israel off the map.

Ali Larijani declares the aid legitimate because Hizbollah, Hamas are freedom fighters, not terrorists.

Most have entered Israel illegally or violated their visa terms. Labor immigrants from Africa and Asia often live in Israel for decades and bring up many children whom the defenders of human rights want to stay.
Israel naturalizes seemingly the highest ratio of illegal immigrants among civilized nations.

Jewish Agency’s boss Zeev Bielsky demanded that Israel recognizes Reform and Conservative Judaism. Reform Judaism has no obligatory laws whatsoever; its follower can reject every commandment and still be considered a Jew or even a convert to Judaism. Conservative Judaism has no centralized tenets: every half-educated Conservative rabbi can make his own rules that suit the congregation that hired him. Both Reform and Conservative movements ordain gays and lesbians as rabbis.

Vyacheslav Kantor, one of the Putin’s court Jews, will likely be elected next week the chief of European Jewish Congress. EJC’s chief is elected by bureaucrats and mobsters of Jewish origin rather than by Jewish people. Kantor and Levi Livaev replaced Khodorkovsky as Russia’s official Jews.

Permitted by the leftist Supreme Court, supported by leftist self-hating Jews, the “gay pride” parade took place in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
The homosexuals paraded surrounded by 7,000 police and private guards like animals in a zoo. The deviants did not cheer a lot and queitly dispersed. Almost all were immediately bused out of Jerusalem by the parade’ organizers. The parade of homosexuals, like most leftist events, included many paid participants.
The Bible commands that homosexuals, among other sexual deviants, be cut off from Jewish community.

With the recent poll indicating that Fatah will score 59% with Marwan Barghouti while 49% with Abu Mazen in early elections, Israel is hard pressed to release the convicted terrorist. Shimon Peres will press to pardon Barghouti and include him, among hundreds of other terrorists, in prisoners swap for a single Jew, Gilad Shalit.

Fatah supporters marched in Ramallah, chanting, “Islam is not about slaughtering people. Wait [Hamas] for the response from Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades.”

June 2007
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