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UNISON’s sanctions include “economic, cultural, academic, and sporting” boycott of Jewish state. Regardless of the Hamas takeover of Gaza, UNISON trade union calls on Israel to end “occupation of Palestine.”
British trade unions don’t boycott Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or Guatemala. Anti-Semitism as usual.

Assistant US Secretary of State Christopher Hill arrived in North Korea to prop the negotiations on ending the North Korean nuclear program. Hill acknowledged that the parties lost months this spring when the US failed to unfreeze $25 million of North Korean dirty money.

Belarus actively supports Iran’s nuclear program and recently hosted Ahmadinejad.

Israel consulate in New York joined with Maxim erotic magazine to advertise semi-nude pictures of Israeli girls serving in the IDF. The advertising, a part of the Tourism Ministry’s campaign to drive visitors to Israel, baits sexually active American males, according to Israel’s NY consulate.
Months ago, Israel consulate advertised homosexuality in Israel and happy homosexual relations between Jews and Arabs on its blog.

The US Administration mulls increasing aid to Israel in the attempt to induce Jews to leave Judea and Samaria.
The US continues military aid to Egypt whose only enemy is Israel.

In the marked change from the earlier complete inaction, the 750-strong Egyptian police contingent started moving around after the Hamas takeover of Gaza. Egypt’s policy is to do nothing against Hamas, an offshoot of the powerful Egyptian opposition party Muslim Brotherhood, while pretending cooperation with Israel on security matters to satisfy the US Administration.
Hamas and civilian smugglers made dozens of tunnels under the nose of Egyptian police, and continue smuggling arms and explosives.

The men actively participated in terrorist attacks against Israel.

Israeli Gay and Lesbian Center revealed it receives funding from Jewish Federations of America and Jerusalem Municipality.
Desecration of Jerusalem by homosexuals is to take place today, short of the High Court’s order to ban the parade due to the strike of firefighters who must be present at the scene.

Olmert will attend Sunday meeting with Mubarak in Sharm El Sheikh. Jordan’s princeling Abdullah and PLO’s Abbas will join.
Israel often talks to Arab countries in Egypt because they lack diplomatic relations with Israel and refuse to hold talks in Jerusalem. Israel, however, maintains relations with Egypt, Jordan, and the PLO. There is no reason for Olmert to humiliatingly travel to the Egyptian resort rather than inviting the Arab leaders to Jerusalem.

The PLO only recognizes Hamas, its coalition partner in the government, as terrorist organization. Fatah’s wing Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade is not a terrorist organization to PLO, and won’t face disarmament.

The police interrogated Haifa’s chief rabbi who “expedited” conversion to Judaism in return for contributions to his yeshiva. Israeli government, too, wants to expedite conversions and simplify the rabbinical procedure.

Bureaucrats from the Education Ministry strike, disrupt matriculation exams to protest installation of a new computer system.

Israeli Border Police detained 26 infiltrators from various African countries. Many more have slipped through. Jewish state with lenient laws and welcoming leftists becomes a heaven for Blacks.

Sea ports in Haifa, Ashdod received equipment that detected radioactive materials.

June 2007
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