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UN Security Council extends the peacekeeping mission at Israel-Syria border, demands that Israel and Syria negotiate peace deal. US opposes the peace talks.
After Israel signed peace treaty with Egypt, IDF grew in size and the Egyptian army has also upgraded itself. There are virtually no economic relations between Israel and Egypt; Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supports Hamas.
Syria, though at peace with Lebanon, actively subverts that state through Hezbollah. Israel will have to give away the Golan Heights to Syria to sign a worthless peace treaty.

No casualties in Sderot. Israeli government mulls humanitarian aid to residents of Gaza who elected Hamas by overwhelming majority.

Continuing a policy of submitting Judaism to political correctness, various leading rabbis banned their followers and students from participating in protests against the gay parade slated to happen in Jerusalem on June 21. More than 10,000 Orthodox Jews protested the parade on Sunday.
The conformist rabbis offered various justifications for their submission to leftists: property damage (several demonstrators burned a few trash bins; trash is more important than Jewish values), students’ curiosity about the idea they opposed (as if they have never heard about homosexuality before), and similar equally shameful pretenses.
Polls indicate a third of Israeli population does not care about gay parade in Jerusalem. Hamas and other Arab terrorist organizations that demand Jerusalem for the Palestinian state do not care to threaten attacking the homosexuals parading in the holy city.

Darfur residents flock to Israel due to the lenient treatment and economic opportunities. The Sudanese Blacks who illegally cross Israeli border are not endangered refugees, since they cross into Israel from Egypt where they are already safe.
It is unlikely that Sudanese Blacks would have helped Jews, should we need their help.

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar announced that since Jews have obligations toward animals, all the more Israel should help the Palestinians by stopping Fatah-Hamas fighting. That, Rabbi Amar reasons, should be done somehow without endangering Jewish lives.
Rabbi Amar misses that the Torah enjoins Jews to care about domestic animals rather than wolves.

Organization for the Restitution of Assets of Holocaust Victims published a list 3,000 bank accounts and 500 real estate properties that belong to the Holocaust victims and even survivors but Israeli government refused to restitute them for decades. Most accounts are held in the state-owned Bank Leumi.
Israel is the last civilized country, on par with Eastern European anti-Semitic entities, that did not restitute property of Holocaust victims and survivors. Now Israeli government agreed to restitute money from some bank accounts made insignificant by inflation throughout the decades.

Fatah’s boss Abu Mazen called his ex-partners in the Palestinian unity government “murderous terrorists.” Abbas said that Hamas takeover of Gaza ends hopes for a Palestinian state; apparently, Abbas doesn’t intend to proclaim Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria alone, as many analysts suggested.
According to Abbas, Fatah-PLO abide by the rule of law, while Hamas are terrorists. Fatah includes Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade which perpetrated many suicide bombings in Israel.

UN Human Rights Commission singled out Israel for condemnation for human rights violations. Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Belarus, Russia, or Saudi Arabia caused no concern of the UNHRC.

Dominated by Muslim countries, UNHRC only deals with Israel.

Israel continues supplying water and electricity to Hamas-run Gaza despite huge arrears.

Hamas offered to set up a new government of independents. Abbas declared Palestinian statehood impossible without Gaza. Fatah and Hamas are undecided on how to deal with Hamas’ spontaneous takeover of Gaza.
Fatah spokesman accused Iran of supporting Hamas to undermine democracy in Palestine. America aids the Fatah government that evicted democratically elected Hamas from power.

An IDF soldier wounded when evacuating Fatah members threatened by Hamas. Israel continues humanitarian aid to Arabs of Gaza who elected Hamas which doesn’t recognize Israel and shells her territory with Kassam missiles even today.

Despite the extensive aid to Fatah, Israel continues operations in Judea and Samaria against Fatah’s guerrillas. IDF killed two Fatah- Palestinian Islamic Jihad guerrillas near Jenin.

An Israeli Arab Allah Ahmad from Jerusalem suburb planned to kidnap Jews to exchange them for Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails.

Tel Aviv rose from the 24th to 17th place in Mercer’s list of the most expensive cities in the world.
Incredible regulation, taxation, corruption, and bureaucratic red tape made a major Jewish city too expensive to live in.

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