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Israeli Samaria police arrested 5 Jews for painting a water tanker orange – the color of anti-disengagement protests. The police interrogated the five Jews on violating the Disengagement Law which bans the Jews from the settlements demolished by IDF during the disengagement. Roman Emperor Hadrian similarly banned the Jews from destroyed Jerusalem following Bar Kochba’s revolt.

The Council of Settlements (Yesha) secured the government’s agreement to allow about two hundred right-wing Jews to march to the destroyed settlement of Homesh. The Council of Settlements, financed by Israeli Ministry of Interior and discredited by complacency with destruction of Jewish settlements in Gaza, periodically obtains similar concessions from the government to bolster its image among the settlers.
Right-wing activists repeatedly vowed to rebuild Homesh, a settlement in Samaria destroyed by IDF during the disengagement, with no hope to carry out their designs.

US formally agrees to the talks with a precondition of Iran ceasing its nuclear enrichment. Iran, of course, won’t. Sanctions against Iran don’t work and military assault on Iranian nuclear objects is ruled out. Iran runs about 3,600 centrifuges that will enrich enough uranium for 1-2 nuclear bombs in a year.

Rabbis and Hindus gathered at the resort Indonesian island of Bali to condemn Professor Ahmadinejad’s claims of the Holocaust’ mythical nature. Indonesia doesn’t recognize Israel.

Fatah-affiliated gunmen managed to shoot RPGs at Hamas leader Haniyeh and his family without harming them. Hamas launched retaliatory strike against Fatah bases in Gaza, capturing northern bases where Fatah keeps weapons and ammunition received from Israel and other foreign sponsors.
With Hamas in full control of Gaza, the chances of Israeli invasion of Gaza are running high.

Former IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz, now Transportation Minister in Olmert’s government, testified before Winograd commission that he fully supported Lebanon war and called for invasion the day Hezbollah kidnapped two IDF soldiers.

Hardly a third of the Avodah Party members participated in primaries to choose between the empty, threacherous, and corrupt Barak and unusually right for the Avodah Ayalon.

Israel Air Force subsequently pounded empty lawns euphemistically called “Kassam launching sites.”

June 2007
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