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Muslim Brotherhood rejected the long-standing arrangement with Egyptian government which turned a blind eye to operation of the Muslim group banned in 1954, and in turn, Muslim Brotherhood did not run for Shura Council, the upper chamber of Egyptian parliament. After the recent government crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood for its cooperation with Islamic terrorist groups and subverting the secular Egyptian state, the Muslim Brotherhood abandoned its previous political restraint and sent 19 members for Shura Council elections as independents. Egyptian government, as usual, rigged the elections, but this time many adherents of Muslim Brotherhood countered poll station falsifications with violence. Gunfights and clashes raged at several polling stations. Muslim Brotherhood is the largest opposition party in Egypt, supported by overwhelming majority of common Egyptians as honest, Islamic, anti-corruption politicans. Hamas is a Palestinian outgrow of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas maintains close ties with Muslim Brotherhood, receives money and logistical assistance for weapons transportation.

The Labor’s quasi-communist Shelly Yacomovich supports Ehud Barak in Labor primaries. Yacimovich correctly reasoned that Avodah headed by Ami Ayalon stands little chance against Netanyahu-headed Likud. Ayalon is too right for Labor voters: he was cautious about disengagement from Gaza and respectful toward Jewish settlers, universally hated by the Left.

Rabbis from Edah Yehudit laid curse on participants in the gay parade in Jerusalem. The curse does not affect gays per se but only those who publicly offend the sanctum of Jerusalem. The leftist Supreme Court permitted parade of sexual perverts in Jerusalem. It remains to be seen whether homosexuals will file police complaints against the rabbis for inciting the Almighty against them.

Moshe Karadi ousted Niso Shaham, a Negev District police chief after Israeli TV broadcasted Shaham instruction to police troops to club anti-disengagement protesters at genitalia. Karadi, non-enthusiastic about the disengagement, was later ousted by leftists amid ephereal allegations. Shaham is eyed for promotion to Jerusalem District assistant chief.

Israeli killed Farawneh, one of the kidnappers, soon after the event. Palestinian Authority pays his family 38 shekels per month, or about $10. Other families of Palestinian martyrs also receive pensions from Palestinian government. Palestinian pensions are largely funded by Israeli tax transfers.

After the Holocaust restitution lobbying groups called to a halt of Leumi privatization until the issue of dormant accounts is settled, Bank Leumi agreed to pay $4 million to heirs of the Jews who held deposits in Leumi before WWII and perished in Holocaust. Bank Leumi allegedly holds about $120 million in pre-Holocaust accounts. Other Israeli banks also hold considerable sums belonging to Holocaust victims. Banks of other Western countries settled the claims of the Holocaust restitution organizations while Israeli bank staunchily refuse such requests.

Israel launched Ofek 7 spy satellite which will take pictures of Iranian and Syrian military installation every 1.5 hour. Ofek 7 ground image resolution is better than 20 inches.

Meretz leftists demand that Israel negotiates with Assad and gives away the Goland Heights, rather than attempts addressing Syrian people. Arab members of Knesset condemned Farid Ghadry for betraying Syria by communicating with Israel.

Palestinians launched 5 Kassam missiles from Gaza, attempted to transfer ammunition from Ramallah to Gaza, shot at Israeli soldiers near Nablus, shot at mechanical instruments near the wall with Gaza, and threw a Molotov cocktail on Israeli car. A day as usual.

June 2007
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