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US House of Representatives passed a resolution praising Israel for victory in the Six-Day War. The US originally prevented Israel from preempting the Arab strike, and many governments still view Israel as an aggressor in the 1967 war. Egyptian government lambasted the Senate resolution which also approves of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Justice Minister Friedmann earlier sought the government appointing attorney general. Israeli attorney general is now appointed by left activists from the Supreme Court. The left-wing political establishment routinely uses attorney general for political witch-hunts. Previous Justice Minister Haim Ramon was sentenced for kissing a female soldier after he carped at the authority of Israeli judicial establishment.

Tens of thousands of Arabs flee Gaza where they lack economic prospects. Moshe Dayan likewise stopped the Arabs fleeing the West Bank after the 1967 war.

Haaretz exhibits surprize over the news that organizers of anti-Israeli demonstration in South Africa hired the Blacks to participate. That’s a standard practice. Even in Western Europe, organizers provide jobless immigrants with free bus tours to major cities in return for them standing a few hours at anti-Israeli protests there.

Katsav only perhaps raped a girl. Shimon Peres raped the entire country, and repeatedly. Peres is directly responsible for thousands Jewish “victims of peace process.” Peres engineered Oslo Accords and brought Arafat from exile to Gaza.
Semi-right presidential candidate Reuven Rivlin seeks support from Israeli leftists and Arab parties.
Israeli people have no say in election of president, who is appointed by Knesset through party machinations. Shimon Peres, corruptioner and machinator par excellence, naturally stands the best chance to win presidential elections. Peres needs presidential office to lobby for further Israeli withdrawals and concessions to Arabs while having none of prime minister’s responsibility.

The UN Security Council seeks a resolution condemning Ahmadinejad for delcaring that countdown to Israeli destruction has began. Ahmadinejad was only saying the truth, supported by the 3,000+ centrifuges enriching weapons-grade uranium round the clock. Israel and the US agreed to review the efficiency of UN sanctions against Iran by the year end, though the meager sanctions have already proved worthless.

Lebanese troops storm Palestinian refugee camp with tanks and artillery support to clear it of Fatah al Islam terrorists supported by Syria. Palestinian terrorists hide behind Palestinian civilians. Many Arab refugees fled the camp, but most have willingly stay to help the Fatah terrorists.

US State Department lashed against Israeli peace overtures with Syria, suggested instead that Israel concetrates on the peace process with Palestinians. US needs to put pressure on Syria to force it to abandon support for Iraqi insurgents. The Iraqi insurgency, supported by Syria and Iran, is rudimentary important for Israel who is threatened by war with Syria over the Golan Heights.

In retribution for recent attempt by Palestinian Islamic Jihad to abduct IDF soldier, Israeli army struck several PIJ targets. Why didn’t the IDF destroy them earlier? Israel adheres to limited war in Gaza instead of utterly destroying the terrorist infrastructure.

Hamas-Fatah clashes continue despite mutliple cease-fires. Both Hamas and Fatah repeatedly offered Israel to join in the cease-fire and stop attacks against Gaza.

Jewish State’s Arab Minister of Science who lacks higher education accused Jewish settlers and worshippers of losing humanity. Some Jews vandalized a few tombstones at Arab cemetery while visiting the tomb of Joshua bin Nun. The Jews were agitated by Arab attempts to bulldoze Joshua’s tomb and constant Arab threats. Jews could only visit the tomb of Joshua bin Nun with IDF support.
Neither the Arab Minister of Science and Sport, nor other Arabs expressed concern over mass desecrations of Jewish cemeteries by Arabs.

Olmert said that Israel will continue military operations in Gaza insofar as Palestinian militants launch Qassam missiles and organize other terrorist acts. Olmert’s positions agrees with Hamas which offered Israel cease-fire in return for ending Qassam strikes. End of IDF operations in Gaza will allows the Arab terrorists to rebuild their infrastructure, dig in, accumulate weapons, and strike again at Israel.

June 2007
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