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EU Parliament’s Socialist faction which holds 30% of the seats tabled a draft that calls to reestablishing European connections with Hamas and releasing all aid to the Hamas government.
Regardless of the boycott of Hamas, European states channeled close to a billion dollars to Palestinians, nominally through Fatah accounts. The aid given to Fatah reaches Hamas constituency and workers. Most of the European aid to Palestine is unaccounted for.

NRP, Shas brought the bills that ban gay parades in Jerusalem or, alternatively, anywhere in Israel, for the reasons of religious sensitivity and incitement. Olmert renounced the bills, as did the leftists.
The leftist Supreme Court is likely to strike down the bills if passed in the third reading.
Religious Jews succeeded last year in pushing the gay parade into a stadium. A zoo would be a better place.

Paz-Pines, who lost the Labor’s primaries, instructed his voters to turn to Barak in return – officially – for Barak’s promise to push Olmert’s resignation on Winograd report. Barak, then a prime minister, presided over the withdrawal from Lebanon which paved the way to the Second Lebanon War and Winograd accusations against Olmert.

Shalom Achshav’s Oppenheimer asserted that Olmert’s government built more settlement units than any other Israeli government. Though Peace Now seems to lie again, that would be very patriotic of Olmert.

Jews will pay to migrants who were invited to work in Israel precisely because they are cheap. Welfare to migrants’ children comes when Finance Ministry cannot allocate enough funds to Holocaust survivors or for other worthy purposes.

Chief Rabbi of Hebron Dov Lior blasted those who equate plight of Darfur Blacks with Holocaust. Rabbi Lior correctly pointed that Darfur refugees are not hunted down outside of Darfur, nor is there a program of comprehensive annihilation of them. Once in Egypt, they are safe and Israel need not admit them.

Israeli Minister, former Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz expects diplomatic pressure against Iran to work out by the end of 2007. By that time, Iran will amass enough weapon-grade uranium for 2-3 nuclear bombs.
Rice presses Israeli government to abstain from peace talks with Syria which transports guerrillas and weapons to Iraq. Iraq, however, is not Israel’s business. Syria is ready to a peace deal in return for Golan Heights, and Israeli politicians generally accept to give away the Golan Heights to Syria. Regardless of the peace deal, Syria will support Hezbollah and Hamas. Age-old Syrian anti-Semitism is unlikely to be resolved by a peace treaty. Syria is the oldest surviving enemy of Israel, fighting Israel since antiquity.

Fatah requested US General Dayton more arms, including thousands of machine guns (Jerusalem Post). Weapons will be supplied from Egypt. Israeli government could approve weapons transfer to Palestinian security forces, connected with Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade which carries out incessant attacks on Israel.

Hamas repeatedly offered Israel cease-fire in return with withdrawal from the Palestinian-settled territories.

if Barak wins the Labor primaries. Barak is similarly incompetent a defense minister as the current Defense Minister Peretz, but more corrupt and treacherous. Barak accuses Olmert of the Winograd-stated failures though the Second Lebanon War stemmed from Barak’s withdrawal from Lebanon.
Spineless Olmert accepts another worthless defense minister in the face of a war with Syria, Gaza, and Lebanon.

Illegal radio station in Ramallah interferes with Ben-Gurion airport traffic communication. Israel Airports Workers Union threatens strike over the radio hazard. IDF is expected to deal with the illegal radio broadcasts.

June 2007
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