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In the attempt to appease Putin who argued against the American missile defense system in Europe, Iran’s nuclear negotiator Larijani confirmed Iran has no long-range missile capable of reaching Europe, calls US missile defense system in Europe “a joke.”
Putin warned America that Russia will again target Europe with nuclear arms if the US deploys its token missile defense in Eastern Europe.
Bush’s move of installing missile defense elements in Czech and Poland is unclear. Iran indeed doesn’t have the necessary missiles and is unlikely to deliver nuclear warheads into the US or Europe with ballistic missiles even if such were available.

Amnesty International and other human rights organizations are less interested about human rights in places from Somalia to Saudi Arabia. Nor did the Amnesty care of Jewish human rights in the face of boycotts by British professional trade unions. Nor about the human rights of Sderot residents. Amnesty International, as usual, complains about security barrier which prevents illegal Palestinian migrants and Arab terrorist infiltrators from Israel. It is of course an Arab human right to blow the Jews in Tel Aviv.

Bowing down to the Quartet’s pressure, Israel agrees to release unspecified amount of tax revenues she collects for the Palestinian authority. $100 million released earlier this year were misused by the Palestinians, much went to Hamas programs and employees.
Israel would do well by using the “Palestinian” money to pay for reinforcing Sderot. Paying an enemy country which refuses to sign peace treaty and consistently engages in hostile acts, is without precedent in the modern world history.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni testified she believed the Lebanon war would last only two days, thus endorsed it.

for outstanding achievements. Ayalon was careful to speak of Peretz’s “socioeconomic” achievements. Peretz didn’t conduct socioeconomic policies in Olmert’s government.

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