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where Islamic insurgents are expected to hide. US is not at war with Somalia. US Navy disregarded civilian casualties in favor of killing out Muslim militants. Lebanon likewise stormed Palestinian refugee camp with tanks after artillery bombardment. Israel, however, fears Palestinian civilian losses in the retaliatory strikes against Gaza.

Syria refused to shed its national sovereignty by cooperating with the UN tribunal established to investigate assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri. There is – nor could be – any firm evidence to connect Syria to the assassination, though Syria clearly benefited from Hariri’s death.
Israel and the US likewise refused cooperation with International Criminal Court because of its prejudice and encroacing on Israeli and American national sovereignty.

Israel Air Force killed a common member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in airstrike. PIJ has at least 400 active members. Killing them with IAF airstrikes is prohibitively expensive for Israel.

The cease-fire should end Israeli assassinations of Hamas militants. Mashaal didn’t elaborate whether he wants Israel to stop targeting Hamas politicians, as well.
During the previous cease-fire, Hamas refrained from shooting Kassam missiles into Israel but relegated the job to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and other non-political groups.
Islamic groups commonly shed responsibility by branching out militant groups. Muslim Brotherhood initially made Hamas a separate organization for the Brotherhood to remain peaceful organization. Now that Hamas became a political organization, it also poses as moderate and relegates suicide bombings in Israel and Kassam launches to militant groups like PIJ and Al Aqsa.

who traveled to Iran to support it. Iran arrested the American leftists for spying. Nothing wrong with Iran.

June 2007
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