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Israeli Association for Civil Rights filed a case against Israeli security service Shin Bet in the Supreme Court, arguing against racial profiling in security checks in Ben Gurion airport. Naturally, Ben Gurion security checks Arabs rigorously.
No Jew ever tried to blow a plane. Jews undergo security checks in Ben Gurion airport because of Shin Bet’s political correctness.

Three Palestinian children planted a suspicious object near security fence, ignoring the orders from IDF soldiers. According to the standard security instructions, IDF expected the object to be an explosive. IDF killed two children, wounded the third and tried to save his life in Israeli hospital.

Amir Peretz offered his voters to Ayalon in exchange for a welfare minister portfolio for Peretz. Peretz imagines his supporters will automatically vote for Ayalon on Peretz instruction rather than for Barak, who is closer to Peretz ideologically. Peretz expects Ayalon to keep the ultra-left Education Minister Yuli Tamir and the Arab “minister of science” with no high school education.
Barak courts Avodah’s Arab voters.

Court found Eran Naim and Avraham Eliran guilty of “common assault,” a minor charge. Naim and Eliran tore the nostrils of Akiva Witkon who peacefully protested Gush Katif eviction. The policemen face up to two years in jail, but likely released on probation. More than a dozen other policemen who were videotaped participating in brutal beating of the Jewish protester in Ramat Gan went unpunished. Naim and Eliran were not taken into custody. The proceedings drug for more than a year.
Israeli policemen are routinely discharged and promptly given long sentences for being less than perfectly nice with Arabs.

Erez Zuckerman resigned reportedly amid the failures in Lebanon war. Zuckerman headed Navy Commandos and Golani.

with tanks, artillery. Lebanese attack continues the battle against Fatah al Islam Palestinian terrorist group. No nation condemned the massive – unavoidable – death toll among Palestinian civilians in the refugee camp.

Israeli newspapers reported anonymous sources in the IDF General Staff saying that ground operation in Gaza is not feasible because of the impending summer war with Syria. Israel carried 1948, 1967, and 1973 wars on several fronts. Minor ground operation in Gaza cannot constrain a significant portion of the IDF’s resources.
Olmert’s government disseminates misinformation through the IDF in order to convince Israeli public against the much-desired invasion of Gaza.

June 2007
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