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Justice Minister Friedmann follows the governments line, demands that the Knesset and government influence the appointment of Attorney General. The current procedure leaves the Supreme Court’s and Attorney General appointments entirely in the hands of legal activists. Previous Justice Minister Ramon was hunted down and displaced with allgeations of forcibly kissing a girl when he similarly sought to extend public control over judicial appointments.
Israeli Supreme Court reached many infamous verdicats, including the one that obliged Jewish Agency to sell land to Arabs.

Leaders of Jewish communities and denominations wordlwide protest the IDF’s decision which forced religious Jews to serve in non-observant regiments. Religious Jews are not obliged to serve in the IDF but many do, and with great distinction.

Justice Minister Friedmann equated Sudanese (Darfur) refugees with Jews in Egypt. Implied, he is Moses for them. Justice Minister demands that Israel absorbs thousands of Blacks who flee Darfur. Egypt and other Arab countries refused to accommodate the notoriously militant Blacks who launched the current round of violence in Darfur.

Barak receives 36%, leaving Ayalon at 31%. Ayalon had led the polls, the fact that suggests election fraud in the Avodah. Barak and Ayalon face June 12 run-off elections. Peretz’s 22% votes will largely go to Barak, securing victory for that corrupt, incompetent thug.
Though the Labor, headed by Barak, will assuredly lose to Netanyahu-led Likud, the fact that
more than a half Labor members voted for Barak and Perez suggests that the Avodah members should be deprived voting rights for reason of clinical idiocy and treason.

Let them have it in Mecca – the best place for gay parades. Religious leaders warned homosexuals of impending violent response to their organized desecration of the Holy City. Gays leaders appeal to their own democratic rights.
In the gays’ previous attempt to hold parade in Jerusalem, police herded them to a stadium, though not circus. Gays imagine to flaunt the religious Jews by regular parade in the Jewish sanctum.
No major Jewish religious organization opposes gay parades in Tel Aviv. Mecca and Vatican were so far spared the gay show.

The Knesset finally took on the tens of thousands of non-Jews, a fraction of non-Jews who groundlessly reside in the Jewish state. The Right of Return law’ amendment, adopted in the first reading and unlikely to pass, demands that children of Slavic, Black, and Arab residents of the Jewish state go. Even so, they might re-enter the Jewish state through family re-unification schemes.
Israel Beitenu’s Lieberman, who otherwise poses as ardent Jew, promised to battle the amendment which is detrimental to his Slavic constituency.
Olmert and Jerusalem Mayor Lupolyanski recently decried the growing number of Arabs in Jerusalem. Israeli official mood swings to the right, prompted by swelling numbers of hostile non-Jews in Israel.

In today’s incursion into the West Bank, the IDF arrested Tirawi, a Palestinian parliament member from Fatah and critic of Hamas. Tirawi has led Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. Several other bosses of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade were also arrested. Israel apparently beefs up the list of prisoners to swap for Shalit.
IDF carried routine grounds invasions in Gaza, killed two armed Arabs, arrested several/

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