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According to Israeli security service Shin-Bet’s head Diskin, Hamas follows the Hezbollah’s tacticts: sets booby traps, tunnels, trains snipers, prepares firing positions in densely populated areas. Shin-Bet estimates that reduction in Kasaam missile launches from Gaza relates to Hamas’ difficulty of moving rockets under Israel Air Force’s supervision rather than Hamas’ peaceful intentions.
Israel doesn’t seem to plan ground operation in Gaza. Hamas force in Gaza counts 8,000 guerrillas. Over the weekend, the IDF killed 7.

The US-Iranian negotiation on Iraq will start on Monday in Baghdad. America has nothing to offer Iran. Iran has nothing to compromise on: it wants to include Iraq in the Iran-dominated Shiite axis, and has almost succeeded by now. America announced its plans for withdrawal on several occasions and cannot pressure Iran.
Two days before starting negotiations with Iran, America has publicly launched a CIA war against Iran.

The IDF holds Hamas hostage officials in resort-like conditions. None was executed in retaliation for death of Oshri Oz, who left pregnant wife with two children.

Israeli Arabs fired at Jewish security forces near the separation barrier, wounded two Jews before being shot.
Israeli Arabs normally keep low profile in the terrorist violence, bribed by Israeli huge welfare programs which encourage jobless Arabs to breed.

Corresponding to the Attorney General Mazuz recommendations and Israeli public mood, Hamas announces it will target Israeli government officials. A few thugs less.

Israel keeps her border with Egypt wide open to Bedouins tribes. IDF’s soldiers on border duty have no instructions on dealing with massive Bedouin caravans; camels are often used for smuggling arms and drugs into Israel. Israel refrains from cracking down on Bedouins, even tolerates their polygamy.
Other Arabs consider Bedouin the worst scum. Bedouins commonly and with great brutality raided Jewish settlements before 1948. Israel later bought them off to pursue Arab infiltrators in deserts.

1% of Israeli population, half of the Labor Party’s members, will elect the party’s leader who might become the next prime minister. Barak and Ayalon have approximately equal prospects, according to polls. Israel faces a real threat of corrupt, worthless, treacherous Barak heading it into the suicidal capitulation. The Defense Minister Peretz, a distant third candidate, counts on Arab voters to win.

Egyptian mediators will push the Palestinian government to swap Cpl. Gilad Shalit for a thousand of Arab terrorists.

Dayton asserts the training is limited to Fatah. One of its military wings, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, conducted numerous suicide bombings in Israel. Many Fatah members join Hamas – now armed with the US weapons and expertise.
The US State Department decried Israeli arrest of dozens of Hamas politicians, even though America recognizes Hamas as terrorist organization.
Israel arrested another Palestinian minister – of “state” – in the West Bank.

For all the help Israeli security service Shabak accords to Fatah, Palestinian security chief Abu Shabak left his post amid Hamas’ threats. Hamas earlier attacked his villa (Olmert’s apartment seem ascetic in comparison) and killed six bodyguards.

Neither the UN, nor any state condemned Lebanon for killing dozens of Palestinian refugees in a week. Lebanese government sent troops against Palestinian refugee camp which hosted Fatah al Islam terrorist group.
The world community routinely condemns Israel for every dead Arab.

The left-leaning quasi-reformist group which ordains lesbian rabbis is a major force in the US, but has limited presence in Israel.
Masorti Conservative movement pays NIS12,000 salaries to its rabbis. Israeli government’s Jewish Agency finances a large part of the Conservative’s budget. Conservative movement aims at subverting Orthodox Judaism.

American Jewish World Service, United Jewish Appeal, and other Jewish Diaspora organization held a fund-raiser in London to rally Jewish help for Darfur. Sderot was not discussed.

800 Arabs will be sent back to their Palestinian Autonomy to enjoy independence from Israel.

Fourteen Jewish families whose homes in Sderot were destroyed by Hamas fire will go to charity cruise in Italy. Afterwards, they will return to the bombarded town.

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