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Ahmadinejad threatened Israel for renewed attack on Hezbollah, “Last year, the major powers prevented us from launched ten, but this year… they won’t be able to prevent us from launching [even the last] two. The last year, our forces numbered in ten, this year we’ll have more than a hundred.” Ahmadinejad means Zelzal-2 missiles Iran stations in Lebanon.

After France under Sarkozy called for tougher sanctions on nuclear Iran, Iran’s nuclear negotiator Larijani offered France to mediate talks over Iranian nuclear program. The talks are meaningless, since Iran insists on continuing its nuclear program.

Israel is up to another year of Palestinians smuggling cash. Arms, and explosives under the Europeans’ nose.

Palestinian police killed the leader of Fatah branch Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. Abdel Razik was killed during arrest on charges of shooting incidents his group staged in the West Bank. Fatah police’s charges didn’t include suicide bombings and Kassam rocket attacks Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade perpetrated against Israel.
Razik family then put the police station under heavy fire.

After Israel upped the stakes in the war with Hamas by taking dozens of Hamas officials hostage, Hamas faction threatened to execute Cpl. Shalit if Israel continues kidnappings. Israeli government, though endangering inconspicuous IDF soldiers and Sderot residents, will hesitate to lose a media-friendly Shalit.

The unity government declared it will stop rocket attacks against Israel if the IDF ceases strikes against Gaza. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and other groups which send suicide bombers into Israel and launch Kassam missiles didn’t participate.
Tzipi Livni earlier rejected the truce which would allow Hamas to continue military build-up.

Cost of strikes exceeded the cost of structures by hundreds of times. Hamas relocates to another buildings.
Today, Israel Air Force killed five Arabs in eleven hyper-expensive air strikes. IAF refuses to target Haniyeh.

The US President has directed CIA for massive covert operations against Iran. The subversive operations will include sabotage, propaganda, economic measures, and support for anti-ayatollahs’ guerrillas. America places hopes in minor Jundullah militia, affiliated with Al Qaeda and operating from Pakistan.
CIA has lost almost every war against the regimes unfriendly to America. In Afghanistan, a rare exception, it took the CIA years to turn the tide against the Soviets. Two-three years will suffice for Iran to make several nuclear bombs. Iran is a stable country with powerful government, strong security forces and content population.
The American sabotage and support for Sunni fundamentalist insurgency will extinguish considerable goodwill of common Iranians toward America. Iran was the only Muslims country where the mobs demonstrated in support of America after 9/11. Aerial assault on Iranian nuclear objects will be less damaging to America’s image in Muslim countries.
The CIA war against Iran is, like sanctions, another cowardly attempt on part of the US Administration to shrink from ending Iranian nuclear program by military means. Historically, the CIA wars often evolved into limited operations by the US conventional forces.

British architects condemned the role of Israeli architects in Israeli oppression of Palestinians. It is unclear how exactly do Israeli architects oppress the Hamas constituency. The move follows the earlier boycott of Israel by British journalists and other professional groups.

Hizbullah’s boss Nasrallah supports the Lebanese government’s efforts to destroy Palestinian terrorists in the refugee camp in Lebanon, but warns the government against escalation. Nasrallah is concerned that the prolonged conflict will draw Sunni guerrillas associated with Al Qaeda into Lebanon. Hizbullah and its sponsors, Syria and Iran, want a monopoly on violence in Lebanon.

Germany blasted Iran for human rights abuses seen in the imposition of dress code on women. Iranian nuclear program didn’t merit a condemnation.

Hamas threatens to block British Gas deal with Israel. Israel wants to buy billions dollars worth of gas from BG’s offshore gas field near Gaza which Barak has transferred to Arafat.

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