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The three groups ostensibly follow Barak, Ayalon, and Peretz. Peretz lured the audience with promises of 1,000 euro a month minimum wage. Peretz’s earlier promise of $1,000 per month minimum wage was almost fulfilled due to the rising shekel with no government’s efforts. Peretz lags behind corrupt and treacherous Barak and pro-Palestinian state Ayalon. The Labor stand for the largest vote in national elections if headed by tough-looking Ayalon.
Barak campaigns under the funniest slogan, “Barak will bring back our security.”

Four Kassams landed in open spaces in Israel. IAF hit empty ground in Gaza City reportedly belonging to Hamas. Million-dollar strikes caused no casualties and destruction.
Iraqi insurgents do better than the IDF: 26 Arabs killed in funeral procession.

Eight planes sent, more to come. Weapons will end up with Hezbollah once its democratically elected government comes to power.

Ronald Lauder, who handled the readjustment of Jewish National Fund with considerably success, wants to lead World Jewish Congress, made by Bronfmans their private charity. Bronfmans actually donated only about a million dollars annually to the WJC. European Jewish Congress and Kadima support Kaplan, a board chief directly responsible for WJC financial fraud.

In Jerusalem Post’s interview, says Russian Israelis lack a leader. Presumably, they need Gaydamak who, along with Lev Levaev and Vyartcheslav Kantor, is Putin’s man among Jews.

Saudis arrested a Christian for being in Mecca. Jews and Christians are banned from that city venerated by Muslims.
Israel gave the Temple Mount to Arabs and mulls partitioning of Jerusalem with Palestinians.

Jerusalem police chief Franco permitted gay parade in the Jewish sanctum on June 21. Muslims don’t protest.

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