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Israel negotiates with British BG group on buying gas from offshore gas field near Gaza. Barak gave the field to Arafat for unspecified cut and BG subsequently received the development rights. The field contains a trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
The gas deal adds one billion dollars annually to the cost of Israel abandoning Gaza to Arabs.

Trying to denigrate their political opponents, Fatah officials connect Hamas’ readiness for cease-fire with Israeli threat to assassinate Haniyeh and Mashaal. Hamas, however, offered truce only if Israel stops operations in the West Bank, thus allowing Hamas to transform Judea and Samaria into a terrorist state like Gaza.
Tzipi Livni so far rejected truce with Hamas, as it will allow the terrorist groups to dig in.
There is every reason for Israel to assassinate leaders of hostile Arab groups on weekly basis.

In a welcome change of tactics, IDF arrested Palestinian education minister, three parliament members, and a few Arab mayors. None was killed, as promised earlier. The IDF doesn’t intend to exchange any of the Palestinian officials for the kidnapped Cpl. Shalit. Meanwhile, Israel continues discussing with the PLO-Fatah prisoners swap of a thousand Palestinian terrorists for Cpl.Shalit.
Israel Air Force bombed several minor businesses that support Hamas. The choice of targets reflects the IDF’s lack of strategy. Israeli government misuses the army to perform light-and-sound show in Gaza without derailing the suicidal peace process.

American Jewish Congress voices opposition against the World Medical Association boycott of Israeli doctors. WMA called for boycott because Israel searches ambulances that cross from Palestine into Israel. No ambulances are straightforwardly allowed from Mexico into the United States, and it isn’t clear why should Israel care of the Hamas’ voters.

While all Israeli politicians and bureaucrats targeted by Attorney General’s politically motivated baseless investigations bow down to Mazuz, non-affiliated Gaydamak could afford to speak out because he derives his income from Putin’s Russia. This time, Arkady Gaydamak published an ad in several newspapers which demands that Mazuz files charges against Gaydamal or leaves him alone. Speedy investigation and trial is a basic human right under the European Convention on Human Rights.
Despite the government’s pressure and offering of “fine resorts,” hundreds of Sderot residents choose to live in Gaydamak’s tent camp in Tel Aviv.

Infrastructure Minister ben Eliezer mulls buying gas from Palestine and Russia, oil from Turkey. Barak gave Israeli offshore gas oilfield near Gaza to Palestinians.

The Nazareth court “found” the culprit responsible for the IDF’s failures. Israeli Arab Raid Mazareb, a drug dealer, passed unclassified information to his fellow drug dealer in Lebanon during the war. Mazareb got his information from newspapers. Mazareb was sentenced while newspaper editors weren’t.

Israel lost the war because of her unwillingness to sentence the Arab traitors and Jewish media which abetted them.

A third of the Labor Party members intend to vote for Barak, despite his explicit corruption, shady businesses, mindless withdrawal from Lebanon, and giveaway of an offshore gas field to Arafat. It’s time to legally equate voting for Barak with state treason.
Ayalon, for his part, as a head of Shabak security service presided over the witch-hunt following Rabin’s assassination. Though critical of Sharon government’ demonizing the settlers, Ayalon supported the withdrawal from Gaza. Ayalon campaigns on the platform of establishing the Palestinian state.

Sderot municipality asked the IDF to order fleeing municipality officials back to work.

Members of Fatah al-Islam, based in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, fled after the artillery barrages by Lebanese army.
In similar circumstances, Israel allowed the PLO to flee Lebanon to Tunis even with its weapons.

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