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The do-nothing talk-a-lot friend of Israel and incidentally of Lebanon, Sarkozy joined the American push for more sanctions. Iran defied all the earlier sanctions and continues its nuclear program. Even the pro-Muslim el Baradei, the head of IAEA, says Iran’s nuclear enrichment is unstoppable – that is, by diplomatic efforts.
The US again tries to bully Iran with parading two aircraft carriers near Iranian coast. That didn’t work two months ago.

Clearly the IDF neglects its duty of massively killing Israeli enemies.

Few Kassams landed in Israel. Israel Air Force slapped Palestinians with a few air strikes and a half-mile tank foray into Gaza. No one killed on either side.

if Israel stops anti-terrorist raids in the West Bank so that Hamas could develop there. After Israel had similarly abandoned Gaza, Hamas entrenched itself there.

Arkady Gaydamak will set up a tent city in Tel Aviv. Israeli government fights back by offering Sderot residents free vacations to lure them away from Gaydamak.

Lebanese Defense Minister offered the Palestinian Fatah al Islam group a choice of unconditional surrender or extermination. Lebanese military do not care about civilian casualties and shell the Palestinian refugee camp as necessary to no objection of world’s governments and media. Quite a lesson for Israel in dealing with Hezbollah and Hamas.

A third of American Muslims express positive opinion about al Qaeda or refused to answer. 26% or about a million US Muslims laud suicide attacks. The respondents show strong pro-Islamic sentiment, widely condemning the US antiterrorist operations. (Pew Research Center poll) There are 2 to 7 million Muslims in the US. Residents of Muslims countries show much stronger support for terrorism.

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