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In the IDF’s lingo, attacks were directed against Hamas “operations center” (a house) and “weapons factory” (metal workshop).

Arab states paid the Hamas-run Palestine $900 mil in 2006, more than offsetting Palestinian losses from the EU embargo, which is a weasel name for suspended aid.
Peretz threatened Solana to consider ground operation in Gaza. As if Solana cares.

Residents of Sderot meet Livni, who tours the area with Solana, with words of insult and throw trash at her.

while avoiding civilian casualties among Palestinian Arabs. That’s a novel political approach for Britain which never stopped at enemy’s civilian casualties, including instigating the Arabs to Hebron and Jerusalem massacres.

Tuition rates – some of the lowest among the developed nations – will remain unchanged. The change was meant to lower subsidies for students from mid-to-high income families.

Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh suggested ground offensive in Gaza if Hamas starts launching rockets against Ashkelon. Showering of Sderot with missiles for months is, for Sneh, no cause for invasion.
Sneh accused Iran of puppeteering Hamas. Sneh refuses to recognize that Hamas represents the true wishes of Palestinian Arabs rather than Iran.

Immigrant Absorption Minister Boim will set up alternative conversion court manned by amenable rabbis who “recognize the immigrants’ needs.” Needs of the Jewish nation? Who cares.
Boim accuses the rabbis of demanding that converts lead religious family life.
The number of conversions is running now at historically high 1,000 a year.

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