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Mazuz demands that Jewish National Fund, a non-government organization, sells land to Arabs. Mazuz insists on equality regardless of nationality. Mazuz instructed JNF to allow Arabs to bid for land plots in Carmiel. Arabs already constitute majority in many places in Galilee.
The issue is at the Supreme Court. The court ruled against the government Jewish Agency in a similar case, but Jewish National Fund is NGO. Many NGOs choose beneficiaries based on nationality and religion.
Supporting the Israeli reputation for political schizophrenia, the security agency Shin-Bet on the commission of the very same Mazuz informed an Arab rights group Adalah that Shin Bet investigates activities undermining the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Forget Adalah. Shin-Bet should arrest Mazuz for selling Jewish land to Israeli Arabs.

US Ambassador to Israel said Jews must be grateful the US didn’t execute Pollard who was “spying for a friendly power.” Late Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek was spying on Jewish guerrilla groups for British, a hostile power, but Israel honors him.
Pollard sent Israel many documents which the US had to send Israel under the mutual treaties but withheld.

Israeli government, however, rejects IDF’s ground operation in Gaza.

Egypt released 135 member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, previously headed by Bin Laden’s second-in-command Ayman Zawahiri. The militants were released after renouncing violence against the Egyptian state. Israel and US remain their legitimate targets.

Lebanese government forces pound Palestinian refugee camp Nahr el-Bared with artillery and tank fire. Hamas, Hezbollah asked the Lebanese government to stop the anti-terrorist operation in the Palestinian refugee camp. US State Department approved of the Lebanese army’s actions.

One wonders why Israel allowed them to live to this day. Public Security Minister Dichter specified Mashaal as a target.

Public Security Minister Dichter testified to Winograd commission that he believed Defense Minister Peretz and IDF’s Chief of Staff Ashkenazi that the IDF can extinguish Hezbollah missile threat in a few days.

Avi Dichter appealed to the example of Jordan which signed peace with Israel “without going to war.” In fact, Israel defeated Jordan in two wars, 1948 and 1967.

Government aid package to Sderot residents will compensate for Kassam attacks.
A first Jew dead in Sderot during the conflict with Arabs; Kassam rocket kills a woman. Hamas, PIJ, other Arab groups claim responsibility.
Half of Sderot residents fled the city.

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