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On the Sunday meeting of Israeli government’s Security Cabinet, Ashkenazi showed restrained about ground operation in Gaza. Earlier, Ashkenazi described the ground operation as the only way to damage Palestinian terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.
At the Cabinet’s meaning, Avigdor Lieberman spoke tough and vainly as usual. Lieberman threatened withdrawing from the government if Olmert fails to assassinate Hamas leaders and re-occupy Philadelphi corridor Hamas uses to smuggle arms into Gaza. While Lieberman, like the Labor seeks to dissociate from unpopular Olmert’s government, Lieberman cannot leave the government too soon since that would cut his income derived from corruption. Lieberman clarified that the government shouldn’t treat his call for action as ultimate demand.
Olmert asserted that Hamas is now paying a heavy price. The IDF has killed not even a dozen of Hamas members so far, all of them rank-and-file.
The government will pay compensation to Sderot area residents.
The events confirm that the IDF’s battalion in Gaza protected Israel. Sharon’s government claimed the IDF in Gaza protected settlers at the cost to all Israelis, and proceeded with disengagement, abandoning Gaza to Hamas just like the IDF abandoned Lebanon to Hezbollah.

Only after dozens of Kassam missiles struck into Sderot houses in recent days, did the Defense Minister-cum-Peace Now activist Peretz declared a state of emergency. Thousands Jews fled Sderot on their own after the government failed to protect or avenge them. The state of emergency doesn’t help Sderot residents. The town is taken by panic – a natural product of hopelessness produced by the government’s do-nothing attitude.

According to al-Itahad newspaper, Israel will release Hezbollah’s security prisoners, including convicted terrorists.
Why not round up a dozen of Hezbollah’s parliament members instead and exchange them for Israeli POWs Regev and Goldwasser?

In Ramat Gan, plainclothes police stopped a car with gangsters planning to assassinate mafia boss of Alperon family.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad threatens sending dozens of female suicide bombers into Israel if it launches ground operation in Gaza.

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