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Trade unionist, peacenik activist, and now Defense Minister Peretz ordered the IDF not to destroy infrastructure in Gaza, lest the Palestinians unite around Hamas. Peretz somehow missed that the Palestinians are already united around Hamas. Indeed, the Palestinians voted for Hamas. Peretz’s peacenik vision of warcraft is opposite to the Israeli strategy that worked in Lebanon: there, Israel bombed infrastructure until the world and the Lebanese government agreed to restrain democratically elected Hezbollah a bit.

Peretz lambasted Barak for failure to develop anti-Kassam missile defense system during his term as prime minister. Peretz, too, didn’t order developing such system during his year as a Defense Minister. Peretz’s idea of countering missiles from Gaza with passive anti-missile system rather than active ground operation strikes a common ground between pacifism and lunacy.

Their families must feel proud: the Palestinians gave their lives for a cost. Given the cost of Israel Air Force’s operations, cost of killing run in millions of dollars per head.

Israel Air Force repeatedly strikes empty buildings, clear lawns, and similar rubbish targets.

Amr Moussa declined Olmert’s invitation to hold peace talks between Israel and the Arab League. Olmert, a shrewd politician, countered the media effect of Saudi peace plan which amounts to Israeli capitulation to Arab enemies who have lost all wars. Olmert offered Arabs direct peace talks in Jerusalem, knowing full well they will refuse.
Hamas and Fatah arranged today yet another truce, and broke it within minutes.

Abdullah champions interests of Palestinian Arabs, called attention of the World Economic Forum to the plight of Palestinians. Abdullah envisages a Jordan-Palestinian confederation over which he will preside. Independent Palestinian state in the West Bank is a death sentence to Jordanian monarchy which rules over Palestinian majority in Jordan.

Foreign aid to Palestine increased to $900 mil in 2006 from $349 mil in 2005 despite boycott. Despite the state of war and rocket barrages from Gaza, Israel continues to collect tax payments on behalf of Palestinian Authority.

Turki Faisal al-Saud, member of the Saudi royal family and former intelligence chief who fostered bin Laden declared to Palestinians, “It is a shame that we point our wrath and anger at our fellow Arabs and Muslims in a more deadly manner than we do our enemies.” Saudi insists that Israel adopts its peace plan.

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