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The Jewish morons forget that war crimes are not about electricity.
Israel provides Palestinian Arabs with subsidized – at the Jews’ expense – electricity and water. Arabs largely don’t pay for water and electricity consumption, and Israel foots the bill to avoid discontent among delinquent Arab customers.

IDF will continue expensive, useless pinpoint air strikes against individual houses with nearly no Arab casualties. IDF is also bent on high-profile targets; killed Talat Haniyeh. Assassinations of terrorist leaders have long proved expensive, dangerous, and worthless, as new Arabs take the vacated places.
IDF tanks shell fields from which the Arabs launch Kassams. In practice, that means shelling any field whatsoever.

to prevent Kassam attacks on Sderot. Hamas continues the rocket attacks. IDF troops has now become an attractive target for Kassam fire.

Gaza increasingly becomes a Hamas state, as opposed to the relatively peaceful West Bank.

Netanyahu called on Olmert to cut power, water supply to Gaza, blockade the place, and employ harsh military retaliation. Was it the same Netanyahu who sheepishly signed the Wye River Memorandum and gave the ancient Jewish capital of Hebron to Arafat?

Tzipi Livni says Israel would allow peacekeepers into Gaza only if they fight terrorists. Peacekeepers never fight, and Livni’s statement amounts to refusal. Livni didn’t specify whether she means Fatah or Hamas terrorists.

Hamas receives weapons, explosives, and money from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Nasser expelled Muslim Brotherhood, Sadat returned it to counter the Nasserite communists, and now Muslims Brotherhood is the major opposition party in Egypt. Mubarak repeatedly cracked down on Muslim Brotherhood with little long-tern success.

Other 71% answered in Bar-Ilan University poll that Iranian nuclear reactor must be destroyed by military action.
Presumably, most of the 29% dissenters are Israeli Arabs, but even they would have done well to realize that nuclear blast makes no religious distinctions.

Russian oligarch Arkady Gaydamak evacuated some Sderot residents. Israeli government wants the people to stay in Sderot under Hamas’ fire. Olmert visited Sderot for a few hours at night to convince the Jews to stay and needlessly risk their lives. Other politicians also frequent Sderot in recent days.
Israeli government adheres to the nineteenth-century idea of honor, when the armies marched to death under the enemy’s withering fire. Hamas rocket hit a school in Sderot today.

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