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near Hebron, attempt to dismantle a checkpoint that prevents Arabs from infiltrating into Israel. After a similar clash several days ago, Peretz ordered the army to prosecute the officers who repelled the leftist attackers. Encouraged by the IDF’s “justice,” the Israeli leftists attacked again. Five attackers arrested.

Even if Jewish Knesset approves such a racist bill, the oath would mean nothing to Israeli Arab MKs. Koran sanctions false oaths to infidels. Mohammed gave a false oath of peace to Jews of Bani Quraytha tribe and killed them.

The Knesset adopts in the first reading a bill that requires referendum if the government decides on transferring Israeli land to foreigners. The bill aims to preserve the Golan Heights which Israel has annexed by leftists and Lieberman agree to give away to Syria. The bill could be passed by the Knesset because no Israeli politician wants a bad fame and responsibility for abandoning the Golan Heights.
Given the government control over the Israeli media, public can be brainwashed into supporting giveaway of the Golan Heights to Syria.

41 Arabs killed in four days of brotherly fighting between Fatah and Hamas. Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which conducts suicide bombings inside Israel, fought Hamas on the Fatah’s behalf. After a new ceasefire was announced today, Palestinians fired at the Egyptian delegation in Gaza. Palestinians accuse Israel of instigating the fighting; US and Israel arm Fatah against Hamas. Hamas accused Javier Solana of instigating the civil war in Palestine.

The IDF retaliated against Gaza after Kassam rockets wounded dozens of Jews in a few days, including children, women, and old people. The IDF attacked Hamas camp near Rafah from the air, killing only four Arabs with three expensive missiles. The IDF also attacks the Kassam “launching pads,” though Kassam can be launched from anywhere.
In drastic change to the Israeli historical practice, the government refuses to follow the IDF recommendation on Gaza; the IDF demands invasion. Israeli response is now dictated by foreign opinion and leftist policies rather than military necessities. Loony Defense Minister Peretz claims Hamas showers Israel with missiles “to provide cover for its murderous campaign against Fatah.” Leftists imagine that Hamas stepped up rocket attacks on Israel not as a continuation of its long-term policy, but to draw Israel into Gaza either in Hezbollah-style trap or to unify the Palestinians against common threat.
Israeli government started evacuation of Sderot residents threatened by Kassam attacks. Sderot residents are moved to Jerusalem, a popular destination for Palestinian suicide bombers.
Invading Gaza now would embroil Israel in a Palestinian civil war, unless Israel kills out any suspected militants and imposes martial law.

Friedmann demands that rabbinical court which oversees conversion of Gentiles to Judaism also apply unspecified alternative law.
Friedmann’s position is thus to the left of even Conservative Movement in Israel.

Dozens of casualties in the explosion which dispersed chlorine gas in Diyala province of Iraq

Israeli Egyptian spy Sayed Saber delivered outdated documents to Mossad. Saber is tried in Egyptian court on espionage charges.

Russian Jewish oligarch Lev Leviev buys another building in New York for $200 mil, will invest another $100 mil. In a separate deal, Leviev invests $243 mil in Russian real estate.
Putin chose Lev Leviev to replace another Jewish billionaire Gusinsky as Russia’s top Jew. Leviev had urgently set up a network of Jewish organizations parallel to Gusinsky’s. After Putin ousted Gusinsky, his old Jewish organizations went down. Putin pays Leviev for spearheading Russian interests in Israel with diamond concessions in Russia.

Shimon Peres offered help to Abu Mazen fighting Hamas.

including explosives, RPGs, anti-tank missiles, anti-aerial Strela and Grad missiles (Voice of Israel)

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