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will meet Joran’s Abdullah in Petra even though Jordan supports Saudi peace plan which is contrary to Quartet’s plan.

an Arab bomb explodes in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood; no injuries. Israeli border police seized an honest Arab youth near Jerusalem. The Arab, armed with two knives, frankly told the police he was going to stab Jews. American Dayton plan demands that Israel dismantle most roadblocks like the one where that assassin was stopped.

Honorary PhD requires no scientific achievements. Marc Rich was on the run from the US justice for decades for illegal oil and arms dealings with Iran. Clinton pardoned him for alleged $5 mil bribe just before stepping down from the office.

near Karni crossing on Israel border with Gaza; 8 Arabs dead, including one PLO member IDF killed by mistake. Americans ostensibly train Fatah-PLO to check cargo, as if Fatah militants have any incentive to stop deliveries of explosives into Israel. Hamas asserts the US trains Fatah militants to fight democratically elected Palestinian government of Hamas.

Palestinian Arabs conducted few small demonstrations in Judea and Samaria commemorating what they call al-Naqba day, referring to the “catastrophe” of 600,000 Palestinians leaving their villages in 1948 to clear the field for Arab armies to act against Jews.
The West Bank’s Palestinians don’t want their brethren to return and claim lands and subsidies, but try to unload the fellow Arabs onto Israel.
Abu Mazen called for a Palestinian state with capital in Jerusalem.

enriches uranium at full speed on 1,300 centrifuges, readies more centrifuges.
Iran drugs the negotiations over its nuclear program. The UN considers new useless sanctions.

will spend tens of million shekels to “protect” Arab market in Hebron against Jewish settlers who supposedly throw stones at it. The IDF also installed laser devices around Jewish communities in Hebron to intercept the Jews who cross in the “Palestinian” part of the city.
Two Arabs were caught at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, carrying knives to stab the Jews.
Defense Minister Peretz recently claimed the IDF lacks funds to repel Kassam attacks.

The top ten companies grew 24% over the year, five times above the economy average.

cites violation of unspecified international humanitarian laws. The Red Cross remains unconcerned over the American separation of Mexicans, including prohibition of free movement from Mexico to the United States. The Red Cross similarly did not demand that Greece opens its borders to Russians to join the 400,000 Russians who reside in Greece. The Red Cross lambastes Israel for using the occupation for her own advantage, rather than the advantage of the Palestinians.
The Red Cross grieves over losing monopoly over the Nazi concentration and death camps’ archives which will now be opened to public. In the tradition of political neutrality, the Red Cross kept silent during the Holocaust even though its personnel working in concentration camps was fully aware of the annihilation of Jews. The 1948 Red Cross’ WWII report calls the death camp of Theresienstadt “a relatively privileged ghetto.” (v.3 p.75)

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