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Olmert’s government negotiates with Putin sale of Jerusalem’s land. Israel doesn’t allow foreigners to own land in Jerusalem. Russians will receive Jerusalem court’s building (the Russian Court) for monetary compensation.
Russians claim Jerusalem court’s buildings based on obscure nineteenth century purchase by a Russian tsar whose family the Russian government had later murdered. Russia did not restitute synagogues it had seized after the 1917 revolution or the property of Jews who perished in Holocaust. Russia supplied Arabs the weapons for every war with Israel, delivered anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to Syria recently, and builds nuclear reactors in Iran.

Import Christian Arab from the West Bank. Mayor Lupolyansky’s associate suggested to ease the restrictions on the Arabs who bring spouses from Judea and Samaria. The decidedly racist move would apply only to Christian Arabs. Christian Arabs, better educated than Muslim Arabs, leave Jerusalem for better jobs abroad.
The problem of Jewish demography in Jerusalem is exaggerated because many Jews who prefer living in Jerusalem suburbs are not counted as the city’s population. MK Katz (Likud) offered a fictitious demographic solution by counting nearby Jewish communities as part of Jerusalem.

Livni says, Palestinian state should be created so that Israel exists as democratic Jewish state. Livni means that if Israel annexes Judea and Samaria, their resident Arabs will vote in Israeli elections and democratically vote Jewish state out of existence. Livni ignores a right-wing solution of resettling the West Bank Arabs into Jordan.
Arab citizens of Israel constitute 34% in 0-9 age group.

working on the fence construction at the Israeli border with Gaza. Palestinians want a state with no Jews, but demand that Israel opens herself up to Arabs – no security fence.

20% blame Jews for Jesus’ death, 44% believe the Jews have “too much power” internationally, nearly half are irritated by stories of Holocaust. 52% blame Israel for their anti-Semitism. Half of the Europeans surveyed don’t believe that Iranian nuclear program is solely a military program. The figures are consistent with the previous years’ polls. In the US, JDL registered over 1,500 anti-Semitic incidents in 2006.
ADL also condemned Putin’s May 9 comparison of Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Nazi atrocities.

Monjer Motsley, Hafez al-Assad’s associate, says Syrian intelligence blew the Mossad spy Eli Cohen’s cover when he couldn’t recite the five pillars of Islam. Mossad sent inexperienced operative Eli Cohen to Syria without teaching him basic things about his legend of a Muslim businessman. Motsley claims Assad immediately spotted Cohen’s Jewish facial features. Syrians hanged Cohen in 1965.

The army works to quickly correct the Lebanon War errors. The exercise includes decision-making by the government and includes reservists alongside the young soldiers. Large-scale IDF exercise in the Golan Heights is also meant to deter Syria that builds forces along the border.

American and Iranian officials will meet at Baghdad at unspecified time. Iran refuses discussing its nuclear program.

Israeli leftist human rights organization issued a report condemning IDF, Jewish settlers of forcing Arabs out of Hebron, making Hebron a ghost town. Hebron is a bustling town with plenty of new construction; 120,000 Arabs live in Hebron and its environs, surrounded and terrorized by 600 Jewish settlers, most of them women and children.

This time – for not accepting the Saudi peace plan which calls for partition of Jerusalem, abandoning the Golan Heights, and invited millions of grandchildren of the 1948 Arab refugees.

Tel Aviv sentenced ex-Justice Minister Ramon for forcibly kissing a girl, but ruled the act didn’t constitute public disgrace, a decision that would have banned Ramon from the office.
The allegation of kissing emerged after Ramon, then a Justice Minister, called to reform the leftist-activist-feminist Supreme Court.

Israelis become relatively poor as the economy growth. Such economic layout is typical for oligarchic post-socialist or colonial economies. Consumer imports rose only 3.7% on the annual basis while overall exports rose 21%. Raw materials’ import grew only 11% as Israel becomes more dependent on imports of technologies.

Socialist Party’s Hubert Vedrine has a history of vehemently opposing Israel in favor of the Palestinians and Arabs in generally.
French citizens in Lebanon overwhelmingly voted for Sarkozy, expected him to be pro-Arab.

MK Orlev (NU-NRP) tables a Knesset bill to switch to Saturday-Sunday weekend. The bill will correlate Israeli economy with the West’s. Weekend will start Friday afternoon for Jews to prepare for Shabbat rest.
The bill corrects the situation, long recognized as absurd, when moderately religious Jews have no full day for active rest because Shabbat starts on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening – and Sunday they go back to work. Now the Jews will be able to enjoy Sunday for various activities prohibited on Shabbat such as driving to see the friends. The bill can increase the Shabbat observance by allowing Jews to both properly celebrate Sabbath and enjoy secular activities on Sunday.
The bill, if approved by the Knesset, also allows for some public transportation on Sabbath to minimize the religious transgression: Jews could ride instead of driving.

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