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In a watershed event in Israeli politics, Uri Lupolyansky ignored the anti-racist laws and spoke about the Arab demographical problem. Israeli politicians traditionally refrain from discussing the problem of the impending Arab majority because of its “racist” overtones. Israel enacted anti-racist laws to ban Rabbi Meir Kahane from the Knesset.
Mayor Lupolyanski nominally complied with the law by talking of the impending Hamas rather than Arab control over Jerusalem. Hamas is not present in Jerusalem, and the mayor’s reference to Hamas is a thinly veiled mention of Arabs generally.
Mayor Lupoliansky didn’t name the two main reasons for the Jews to stay out of Jerusalem: poor security (suicide bombers easily operate in the city full of Arabs) and ideological failure (Israel prohibits the Jews to pray at the Temple Mount to avoid provoking Arabs. Muslim shrines humiliatingly dominate the Temple Mount).
Arabs have more than doubled their presence in Jerusalem since Israel re-took the city in 1967. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries and Western charities finance Arab purchases of Jerusalem apartments from Jews. When Arabs move in, Jewish residents move out, abandoning apartment houses to Arabs.
Olmert promised $1.5 billion to foster the Jewish presence in Jerusalem. Israeli Left hunts Olmert because of his recent overtures with the right Jews. Olmert was historically a right-winger and voted against the return of Sinai to Egypt in 1978.
US, Germany, France, other EU members refused to take part in the Knesset ceremony celebrating 40 years of the Jews’ re-taking Jerusalem from Arabs. During its rule over Jerusalem, Jordan razed Jewish Quarter, including synagogues and historical buildings, and banned the Jews from the holy places. Ultra-Orthodox mayor Lupolyanski scolded both the foreign envoys and the Israeli government which tolerates such insults to its national identity. Lupolyanski adopted right rhetoric to counter Arkady Gaydamak, a Russian demagogue billionaire who aims at becoming a mayor of Jerusalem.
Israeli public opinion shifts to the right. 84% of Jews in Israel don’t believe peace with Palestinian Arabs is possible and majority supports holding on to the Gush Etzion settlements (Institute for Israeli Studies).

In a joint conference with Arab Al-Quds University president Nusseibeh, Israeli writer Amos Oz advocated for the Palestinian demands and called to make Jerusalem a capital of an Arab state.

5 Arabs killed in brotherly misunderstanding, 14 wounded, 10 abducted. So far, so good.

Russian government doesn’t counter the traditional anti-Semitism. In a slip of tongue, Putin once accused Zionists of Israeli troubles. Putin thoroughly extinguished Yeltsin-era Jewish oligarchs, and replaced them with amenable Jews close to KGB/FSB such as Levi Levaev and Arkady Haydamak.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has carried dozens of suicide bombings in Israel and regularly launches missiles at Israel. Al Aqsa is affiliated with Fatah-PLO. In the true spirit of moderation, Abbas grieves over the death of Al Aqsa’s Abu Jarad who continued to kill the Jews despite the truce.

Jewish groups squeezed from Swiss banks billions of dollars allegedly deposited there by the Holocaust victims before WWII, but Israeli state bank Hapoalim staunchly refuses similar demands. Jews who later perished in Holocaust have deposited significant amounts with Hapoalim. Jewish groups that extorted money from Swiss banks typically misuse them, with only a small fraction of the money going to the heirs.

Orthodox Christian patriarchy in Jerusalem leased two hotels to a company registered in Israel. Israel allowed Jordan to administer the Temple Mount and the lands in Jerusalem where Christian churches have property. Jordan bans sale of real estate to non-Arabs – a version of the earlier law that prohibited land sales to Jews. Jordan sentenced scores of Arabs to death for selling land to Israelis, recently convicted the Arabs who sold Israeli Jews a house in Hebron now known as “House of Peace.”
Jordan signed peace treaty with Israel, pushes the peace process, and regularly hosts Israeli peace activists.

Israeli government decides to allocate a fixed number of bureaucratic positions to Ethiopian Black Jews. Jewish Blacks (1.5% of the population) will get 10% of positions reserved for students. The government will adopt new tests “better suited” for Ethiopian immigrants. New tests won’t require the would be Black Israeli officials to know Hebrew or even writing, but conducted in Amharic language orally.

Israeli government ministers, wary of the blame Winograd commission put on Olmert for attacking Lebanon, refuse to authorize the IDF’s invasion of Gaza. Gideon Ezri rejected the invasion of Gaza because it would harm Arab civilians; that the Kassams harm Jewish civilians doesn’t concern Ezri.
Palestinians shower Sderot with Kassam missiles. Moderate Abu Mazen took no steps to stop the attacks.
The IDF, including Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and OC Southern Command Galant push for invasion, warn Hamas becomes as strong as Hezbollah. Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia massively aid the Hamas. The IDF – its hands tied by the government – cannot even attack the well-known plants where the Palestinians manufacture Kassam missiles.

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