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can buy “only” two gallons of gasoline per day at $0.4.
International sanctions didn’t stop massive Iranian imports of food and gasoline.

continues airing Judophobic Arab Mickey Mouse show. Hamas’ Mickey Mouse is more radical than Haniyeh: no truce with Israel, Jewish state must be destroyed, Jerusalem liberated. Arab children called into the show, enjoy it.

near the Golan Heights. Speaking to Syrian parliament, Assad insisted on “land for peace” approach: Israel gives away land and Syria grants Israel peace. Alternatively, Israel can occupy Damascus and trade it for peace with Syria.
Assad also refused to submit any Syrian citizens to jurisdiction of the international tribunal set in Lebanon to investigate Hariri’s assassination.

OPEC cut the production quotas at the two recent meetings to keep oil price rising. Qatar, Algeria insist on further oil production cuts to create short supply and drive oil prices up. US oil corporations drastically increased crude oil inventories, pushed the demand, and helped OPEC to raise oil prices.
OPEC is an illegal cartel created to manipulate oil prices to Muslim benefit. US saved Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from Saddam, but didn’t make OPEC to lower oil prices. US imposed sanctions on many foreign companies and organizations that engage in illegal trade practices, but refrained from condemning OPEC.

Livni supports the destruction of Gush Katif (interview to the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper) despite the fact that Israeli withdrawal provoked Hezbollah and made Gaza into the Hamas’ base. Livni insisted Israel must withdraw from Judea and Samaria.

The useless UNIFIL soldiers failed to prevent massive re-arming of Hezbollah, but shield Hezbollah from Israeli retaliation. At most, UNIFIL limits Hezbollah’s concentration along the border with Israel.
In recent weeks, German and Swedish ships started the battle order procedures when Israel Navy ships approached them. UNIFIL claims the battle order was launched because Israeli ships didn’t announce themselves. Israel Navy is clearly marked and identification presented no problem.

Iran showed no intention of closing the Hormuz Straits, as the country depends critically on oil exports. Instead of bombing the Iranian nuclear facilities, American Administration engages in irrelevant threats.

(AP poll). Bush’s pro-war and the Congress’ anti-war stance matter equally little: rational Americans want decisive actions.

Jews failed to obtain Israeli permit for visiting the tomb located behind the Green Line. Olmert was apparently not involved in the incident. Border Police received orders from the Ministry of Religions (sic) officials.

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