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The investment is trivial by venture capital market standards. Intelís investments provide it with cheap use of Israeli patents. Oligarchy and socialist-era regulation suppressed Israeli venture capital firms.

City of Eilat has reduced its swelling crime rate through a program codenamed ďLOVE.Ē The program installed TV cameras throughout the city and increased the police presence.

Livni cooperated with IDF intelligence researchís Baidatz to end the war regardless of the IDF efforts to root out Hezbollah. Baidatz, alone among Israeli security heads, proclaimed a few days ago that Syria genuinely seeks peace with Israel and will not start war. Livniís Foreign Ministry promulgates a similar view.

by a comfortable 11% margin. Still, more than a third of the Labor Party members will vote for Barak who left south Lebanon to Hezbollah and offshore gas field near Gaza Ė to Arafat.
Like Halutz, Ayalon lacks experience in ground combat: he has led Israeli vanity forces, the navy. Olmert, accordingly, offered the Labor to switch from Defense to Finance Ministry. Ayalon and trade-unionist Peretz are even less qualified to run Israeli finances.
Ayalon, as a chief of Shin-Bet security service, hunted down conservative Jews following Rabinís assassination. Ayalon is notoriously cautious: from his days in the military to the disengagement-timeí dancing a narrow line between leftists and settlers.

Moshe Karadi, fired recently from the position of police chief, tries rapprochement with conservative Jews, claims Amona was a mistake on the policeís part. Karadi presided over brutal suppression of the Jews who opposed Israeli destruction of the Amona settlement. On Karadiís orders, police forged a videotape of purported instruction to the troops to avoid violence in Amona. Karadiís successors will be wary of beating Jewish right-wingers.
Karadi told the Jerusalem Post what every Israeli knows: that the ruling establishment frequently uses police for political witch-hunt, forces police to investigate innocent or dead-end cases to feed the political smear campaigns.

during a demonstration in Jerusalem against the governmentí raising tuition fees.

for lack of financing. There is no lack of funds to pay for Arab-language classes.

Sohnut (the Jewish Agency) brought to Israel half a million Gentiles with remote (a grand-grandparent) or fictitious connection to the Jewish people. When the Russian aliyah ended, Sohnut invented a new business for itself: massive simplified conversions.
Rabbi Amir denounced Sohnutís usurpation of rabbinical authority. The rabbinical court is sufficiently liberal: 85% of applicants receive the conversion certificates.

arbitrarily rejects a very good Saudi peace plan. Lebanon had signed peace with Israel before but renounced it months later. Saudi peace plan calls for return of millions of the 1948 refugeesí descendants to Israel; Lebanon refuses to assimilate Palestinian refugees for decades, bans them from dozens occupation, and kills on occasions.

urges the Pope to suspend sanctification of the Pope Pius XII amid his role in the Holocaust. A strong position against Judaism is an advantage for Catholic saint.

After Olmert has ordered to subsidize Holocaust survivors to the living minimum, Finance and Justice ministries scuffle over the definition of Holocaust survivor. Welfare bureaucrats want to include Russian Jews who have never lived under German occupation. Germany paid Israel reparations, but thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel live below poverty line.

Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams revealed a conference of Jewish Republicans an obvious fact: Bush appeases his Arabs friends with the moribund peace process, and Rice wants the laurels of pushing Israel in a corner.
Israel needs to weather until the next US presidential elections to enjoy another six years of respite from the suicidal peace process.

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