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The plan contains admittedly unacceptable for Israel demands, such as a solution for the Palestinian refugees of 60 years ago and partition of Jerusalem. Arab countries refuse to step back on their demands. Saudi peace plan is meant to show the West Arab goodwill and put the blame on Israel, while assuring that Israel cannot agree to such a peace. Weeks ago, the Arab League met in Damascus to discuss strengthening boycott of Israel.

In the dignified testimony before Winograd commission, Olmert correctly blamed the IDF’s commanders for inadequate performance; Sharon purged the IDF of capable commanders before the controversial evacuation of Gush Katif. Halutz confirmed the army was fully ready for war, says Olmert. It was Halutz’s decision not to call up the reserves from the onset of the war. Later, Olmert decided to call the reserves. Olmert apparently harshly criticized Halutz during the war. Olmert defends his decision to fight Hezbollah immediately upon the provocation, says Israel had no other choice.
Peretz showed the complete lack of understanding military issues, testified that he had no idea the army is inadequately trained, unprepared. Israeli Defense Ministers usually exercise very limited control over the army and follow the General Staff recommendations. Peretz said that withstanding missile attacks on northern Israel sent Hezbollah a positive message of Israeli endurance.
Halutz testified he “was not bothered” by lack of ground combat experience (he comes from IAF), blamed miscalculations on staff members. Halutz admitted the army had sufficient resources but he lacked determination, mistakenly imagining the war, which has previously lasted 18 years, would be finished in two weeks. Subordinate commanders concurred with him, were waiting for orders instead of venturing suggestions or taking responsibility. No IDF commander has formal military training, but one-year courses at the most.

Polish embassy in Israel protests over the Holocaust cartoons published in Haaretz that depicts Poles as wicked drunkards, implying their active participation in the Holocaust. All historian agree that Poles on the whole supported Nazi’s extermination campaign. Poland is the only country where dozens of Jewish survivors were killed in a police-sanctioned pogrom upon returning home. Before the war, Zhabotinsky warned of the impending mega-pogroms in Poland.
Months ago, Jews protested publication of Holocaust cartoons by Iranian newspapers. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which has published the Mohammed cartoons, reprinted the Iranian Holocaust cartoons.

when Kassam rocket struck near his family house in Sderot.

Foreign Ministry memo evaluate Assad’s peace overtures as genuine, warns of a war if Israel rejects Syrian initiative. Meanwhile, Syria continues arming Hamas and Hezbollah and building its military forces along the border with Israel. Militarily, Syria is only capable of waging Hezbollah-type guerrilla and rocket war against Israel while defending itself with Russian anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

Shimon Peres, arguably the most influential Israeli power broker, announces he won’t claim prime minister’s position in exchange for Olmert’s support of him for Israeli president. Peres shared Nobel peace prize with Arafat, lost previous bids for party leadership, and is widely viewed as unelectable unless the political bosses make all major contenders for Israeli presidency withdraw. Peres campaigns on the peace process agenda and told Winograd commission he opposed the Lebanon war though voted for it. Shas’ Ovadia Yosef supports Peres. State Comptroller Lindenstrauss already had started hunting down Peres’ contender Rivlin (Likud). Shelly Yacomovich (Labor) openly blackmails another presidential contender, Rabbi Lau over unspecified stories from his past.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed US aviation authority representatives to study security arrangements in Ben Gurion airport. The top-secret security procedures will be openly discussed in America. Ben Gurion airport’s security normally prohibits even taking photos inside the airport.

who destroyed the IDF’s checkpoint near Hebron.

Meir Sheetrit himself doesn’t live with terrorists and criminals the next door. Israeli Lands Administration director Ephrati supported the communities right to reject unsuitable applicants.

Menachem Livni was convicted in 2003 for stopping an Arab truck which has illegally entered an Israeli security road.

Palestinians present the world with “good and bad cops” show where the moderate PLO opposes violent Hamas.

Jordan’s political parties and trade unions slam the planned visit of dozens of members of the Israeli fifth column to Jordan, where the Jewish peace activists are to meet with Jordanian officials.

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