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Hamas pulls down a Mickey Mouse cartoon series that incited Palestinian children to jihad against Jews. Palestinian Information Ministry declares cartoons a “mistaken approach”: fighting Israel is a serious business. The peace process-era Palestinian media is saturated with anti-Israeli incitatement.

claims the IDF must accommodate Sudanese refugees. Hundreds of Darfur refugees entered Israel illegally. Checkpoints and border security are even less likely to stop Arab terrorists.

Other Labor’s MKs call for Olmert to quit. The Labor expects to receive more seats in the early elections while its competitor Kadima is still discredited. Barak’s invaluable experience in the defense sector consists of him presiding over the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, leaving the country to Hezbollah.

Israeli government will subsidize El Al to maintain its meager twice-a-week flights to Cairo. El Al already stopped flying to Jordan. Due to widespread anti-Israeli sentiment in Egypt, Jews are wary of traveling there beyond several resort villages, also bombed regularly.

asks Assad in a phone call to end the smuggling. Why would Assad stop arming Hezbollah? After withdrawing from Lebanon, Syria still needs to control the country it considers part of Syria. Syria also arms Hezbollah to pressure Israel on the Golan Heights’ issue.

The armed Jewish settlers make the town safe and the Arabs quiet.

After Israeli-Russian mogul Arkady Gaydamak announced his plans to run for Jerusalem mayor, the incumbent Uri Lupolyanski frustrated the WWII Victory Day march sponsored by Gaydamak. Gaydamak and Lupopyanski accuse each other of using the war veterans for personal reasons.

Olmert will support Peres for the president of Israel. Peres admitted in the Winograd testimony that he opposed the Lebanese war though he thought the state had no other choice. Peres shared Nobel Peace Prize with Arafat.

who destroyed a roadblock. IDF and border police beat leftist hooligans who tried to prevent them from controlling Arab infiltration into Israel.

A promising laser system capable of intercepting Kassams was scrapped years ago. Peretz promises to include anti-Kassam system in the next five-year budget plan. The cost of interception missiles is almost a hundred times the cost of Kassams.
IDF funds many wasteful programs, purchases hyper-expensive US weapons which lack feasible application. IDF faced no shortage of financing for its operations against the Gush Katif settlers.

Echoing the ludicrous Dayton’s recommendations, the World Bank criticizes Israeli roadblocks and restrictions on terrorists’ movement between Gaza and Judea/Samaria.
Under the oppressive Israeli rule, Palestinians posted the highest non-oil economic growth rates among the Arab nations. The oppressed Palestinians have one of the world’s highest population growth rates. Palestinian economy is entirely dependent upon selling tax-free produce and labor in Israel. The World Bank remains silent about Western countries that close their borders to migrant workers and oppose price dumping. Israel restricted influx of Palestinian workers after the terrorists became too many.

NIS 9 billion total (State Comptroller). Still, many Jewish evictees cannot buy new houses with the compensation they received from the government. The cost of disengagement from Judea and Samaria can be extrapolated at NIS 200 billion ($50 bn).

Maj.-Gen. Dayton, US military rep at the Palestinian Authority, demands that Israel removes roadblocks that caught hundreds of suicide bombers, allows uncontrolled traffic between the Hamas-controlled Gaza and the relatively safe West Bank, and arms the PLO. In return, Hamas is expected to cease arms smuggling and missile attacks. The plan, approved by Rice, shows that US military bureaucrats are divorced from the Middle East reality.

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