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PLFP declared it wonít release Shalit while Olmert stays in the office. Israeli politicians have a long history of cooperating with Palestinian terrorist organizations. Before Rabinís election, Beilin met in Cairo with Abu Mazen to promise sweeping concessions (Oslo) in return for Israeli Arabs voting for Rabin.

Arab leaders will be convincing Livni to accept Saudi peace initiative which demands the return of fourth-generation descendants of Arab refugees and partition of Jerusalem. Olmert reportedly discusses the final issues of Palestinian statehood with Abu Mazen. Olmert shelved the IDFís plan of a military operation in Gaza to avoid disrupting the peace process.

MK Yisrael Katz (Likud) calls on Olmert to assassinate Hamasí leaders if Izzadin al Kassam group executes Shalit. The groupís spokesman Obaidah raised the PR stakes for Olmert by threatening to kill Shalit if Israel invades Gaza.

The Labor used the pretext of Winograd report to threaten Olmert with leaving the coalition government. Olmert maneuvered for the support of United Torah Judaism faction. As a sign of his good faith toward the religious parties, Olmert supported a bill to finance religious schools on par with secular schools.
Te Labor kicks Olmert over the Winograd report even though the report attributes most failures to Laborís boss Peretz, a Minister of Defense during the Second Lebanese War.

Tel Aviv courts sentences an Arab to 7 years in jail for knowingly driving a Palestinian suicide bomber who later killed a Jew and wounded 55 more. Thatís one and a half month for every wounded Jew.
Weeks ago, three Jews who unknowingly drove a suspicious Arab to Netanya where he blew himself, received 13-year jail term.
A Jew who drove his friend to shoot at the Arabs in Haifa in retaliation for Arabsí lynching two Jews in Ramallah, was sentenced to three years.

Wolfgang Jilke of the UNís forces (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights asserts Syrian buildup doesnít exceed the agreed-to limits. Jilke confirms that Syria repairs border fortifications and increased the number of troops to 40% of the maximum allowed level.
Beyond the UNDOF-controlled area, Syria conducts large-scale military exercises, purchased large quantities of advanced anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, and manufactures SCUDís that target every town in Israel.
Days before the 1967 war, Egypt Ė just like Syria now Ė observed the cease-fire limits on the military presence in border areas. Syria can unleash thousands of missiles at Israel any moment.

ignore the universitiesí threat of annulling the semester. Oslo, Hebron, Gush Katif, Lebanon war, or Winograd report failed to incite Jewish students.

A third of the cityís population is Arab (Institute for Israeli Studies), almost twice the countryís average rate. Arabs from South Israel and the villages move into Jerusalem while secular Jews leave the ďtoo religiousĒ city. Suicide bombings made Jerusalem particularly unsafe. Poverty of its religious Jews and low level of municipal services add to the flight of Jews. Municipality encourages investment projects for non-resident foreigners, making neighborhoods into ghost communities and making the real estate unaffordable for Jews of moderate means. The government opposes Jewish settling in the predominantly Arab East Jerusalem.

Israeli Arabs built tens of thousands of houses without permits. Israel only enforces building laws against Jews.

Hebrew Universityís archeologists unearthed Herodís tomb at his fortress Herodion, near Tkoa settlement. Only the mausoleumís podium survived, along with pieces of the sarcophagus. Romans destroyed the fortress, held by Jewish zealots, in 71. Palestinians consider the land rightfully theirs.

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